Stem Cell "Super-Youth" Pill Helps You Grow Biologically Younger

...mimics $100,000 stem cell therapies by replacing billions of old, work-out cells with new YOUNG ones.You don't just live longer, you feel DECADES younger, more energized, sharper, stronger, happier, and much healthier. And you don't have to spend $100,000!

The rich aren’t just getting richer

Now they’re getting younger too!

That’s NOT fair. So what exactly is their secret?

They’re using $100,000 stem cell therapies that replace worn-out, old cells with brand-new young ones. And The New Yorker says this expensive new stem cell therapy works like a charm: “Hollywood elites and billionaires grow younger.”

But now there’s something better, safer, and much easier. It’s a remarkable “super-youth” pill that replenishes your natural supply of stem cells just as Nature intended.

The result? Old cells hobbled by a lifetime of bad habits can now be replaced with new ones.

Your energy levels, your heart, your joints, your organs, your brain, your skin, your whole outlook on life is profoundly improved.

Suddenly, the blazing fires of youth come alive. And everyone will notice. This changes everything. In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how it works...and give you the opportunity to try it yourself.

And you don’t have to pay a dime until it’s worked for you.

This remarkable discovery gives you the power to redeem a lifetime of bad habits and grow biologically younger in every cell in your body.

The result: You feel decades younger, more energized, sharper, stronger, happier,and much healthier.

And it starts happening within minutes.

It’s true. The cells in your body are constantly being replaced. Your colon, for example, is brand-new every two days. That means millions of cells will be replaced by the time you finish reading this report!

So the secret to growing younger is to replace those old, worn-out cells with brand new young ones all over your body, including...

Plus just about every other cell in your body.

The rich and famous are all over this exciting discovery. Let me tell you what I mean…

On a recent Spring evening, high above the lights of Los Angeles, a secret meeting was held in the house of movie mogul Norman Lear. This was no movie party.

The A-list celebrities wanted NO ONE to know they were there.


Because this meeting included some of the most brilliant scientists, geneticists, and researchers on Earth.

The subject was a scientific review of the latest breakthroughs in both growing biologically younger and prolonging the human youth span.

And stem cells were at the top of the list. Why? Because...

Recent stem cell breakthroughs may soon make old age OPTIONAL.

The human “youth span” could be extended 20, 30, even 40 years. Old age and decline may soon become OPTIONAL.

How is this possible? Look at it this way.

Imagine for a moment that you could replace all the old worn-out cells in your body with fresh, young ones.

Isn’t it more than reasonable to assume that you would feel MUCH younger?

No...that’s not quite right.

You would actually BE younger.

It’s worked for others.
It can work for you. . .

A legendary NFL quarterback went from “washed up” at age 36 to a record-setting MVP season at age 37...thanks to stem cells.

The sports writers said he was finished. A devastating hit on the football field damaged his neck, and made it almost impossible to throw a football. His right arm withered. But he refused to give up.

Instead, he went to Switzerland and opted for an expensive stem-cell therapy that helped regenerate the cells in his damaged neck and arm.

Then, a few months later, he had the greatest single season for a quarterback in NFL history. He threw an astonishing 55 touchdown passes, and a total of 5,500 yards. He also won his fifth MVP award.

That’s what stem cells are designed to do in your body.

And now you can have access to a discovery that works the same way as those expensive procedures by supporting and replenishing your body’s natural supply of repair stem cells.

Stem cells, specifically adult repair stem cells, ride the tide in your bloodstream and search for jobs to do. Like healing a cut...knitting a broken bone... or renewing your skin. Even better...

Stem cells help keep you YOUNG.

But as you age, your supply of stem cells dwindles to a precious few.

By age 35, your stem cell production is cut in half.

By age 65, your stem cell production plummets 90%

And those cells that do remain are tired, weak, and old. So it takes longer to heal a cut...get over a cold...or recover from a round of golf.

But suppose you could infuse your cells from head to toe with trillions of fresh, young, stem cells?

The results are visibly and physically stunning. In a study published in the Journal of Gerontology, the researchers observed that stem cells triggered “remarkable improvements” in virtually all the biomarkers for aging.

For the super-rich, elite, athletes, and fortunate few who are using this secret, the results are undeniable.  That superstar quarterback is not the only one. Stay with me a minute and I’ll tell you about the NBA superstar (a household name) who reversed his declining career to lead the league in scoring at an age once thought impossible.

No wonder the super-rich, pro athletes, and Hollywood elites are stampeding to expensive stem cell clinics in Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Paris, and Monaco.

They gladly pay up to $100,000 for anti-aging stem cell therapies. And the treatments often have to be repeated two or three times a year.

But suppose you could get the benefits of increased stem cells...without paying $100,000?

Suppose you didn’t have to subject yourself to needles, and procedures, and pain?

Suppose you could boost your supply of fresh, young, stem cells naturally?

Now, you can. And YOUR cost to try this breakthrough is ZERO. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s FREE.

Interested? Good.

The breakthrough I’m talking about is a “super-youth” pill, called Stem Cell Restore, that mimics the benefits of those $100,000 therapies without the big bills or big needles.

Think what that means for you.

Cells that were hobbled by decades of bad food, lack of exercise, and stress could be replaced with fresh new cells unhindered by your past.

Your heart, your brain, your kidneys, your bones, your joints & cartilage...even your teeth would grow younger. Suddenly, you’d feel...

The “fog” of old age and steady decline could be lifted. Your physical and mental “youth span” could be extended far beyond what Mother Nature intended.

It would be like starting out feeling like an old, rickety 70-year-old and then in a matter of weeks feeling like you’re forty again.

Only it’s not just a’s your energy, your outlook, your optimism, and more.

Remember that feeling when you were younger?

Remember how you could work all day, have dinner with friends, and then go out on the town later that night?

Well, I’m writing to you today to say that ALL this can happen for you again.

And it won’t cost you $50,000.

Or $20,000...

Or $1,000...

You’re invited to try Stem Cell Restore without risking a single penny.

And if you don’t feel and look younger...if everyone doesn’t swear you’ve made a deal with the Devil…

It’s FREE.

Now...let’s look at the utterly fantastic science behind this secret.

And, at the same time, you’ll see how this secret is already transforming the lives of thousands of men and women worldwide.

Then, we’ll explain exactly how it can work for you like nothing you have ever experienced.

You’ll not only FEEL younger, trillions of the cells in your body will actually BE younger.

Jim tried it, and he’s glad he did!

Jim is thrilled he decided to try our stem cell support formula. He didn’t risk a single penny, so why not? What happened next? In mere weeks he could SEE and FEEL the difference. Just look!

“I’m 75 years old and I’m an organic farmer.

“I work long hours in the field doing a lot of physical work. I notice I have more stamina. My energy is really solid.

“I don’t need to take a nap. On a long drive, I didn’t feel tired like I usually do. I had plenty of energy and I didn’t get drowsy and start nodding off. Plus, I notice I’m not withdrawing as much into my computer. I’m participating in life more. I’m more present.

“My life isn’t over yet and after taking Stem Cell Restore I feel like showing up for it. I’m going to keep taking it!”

—James M., Cottonwood, AZ

Fact: It’s NEVER Too Late to Grow Younger

The short course on how Stem Cell Restore  helps deliver a
brand-new you in as little as 48 hours

Did you know that many cells in your body are replaced in as little as 48 hours?

But, as you grow older, the replacement cells are tired, worn-out, and weak.

Stem Cell Restore helps you replace those worn-out cells with healthy, young cells from head to toe.

What this really means is that your real age doesn’t have much to do with your birthday. Every cell, in every organ in your body, is completely replaced periodically. If those replacement cells are old, tired, or grow older, more tired and weak.

However, when those new cells are younger, stronger, and healthier, YOU are younger, stronger, and healthier.

Your colon, for example, is completely new every 2-3 days. So doesn’t it make sense to replace those old cells with stronger, healthier young ones? Of course it does. That’s exactly what Stem Cell Restore was created to help you do. Just look how fast your body renews itself.

What does this all mean to you? It means that every morning is a brand-new opportunity to refresh and renew your body from the inside out.

And Stem Cell Restore helps in a big way. All you have to do is take one easy-to-swallow capsule of Stem Cell Restore and you’re on your way.

What’s in this remarkable formula?  I’m glad you asked. . .

Stem Cell Restore’s Breakthrough Ingredient #1:

Nature’s Stem Cell Booster Supported by Over
60 Scientific Studies

In one study, healthy stem cell counts
increased 230% in just 10 days.

My team of anti-aging researchers has never been more excited about a breakthrough than we are right now.

What is it?

It’s an herbal extract called icariin (rhymes with librarian) – and it supports, renews, and replenishes your supply of repair stem cells.

It’s also known as Bishop’s Hat for the shape of its delicate flowers.

In preliminary scientific studies, icariin boosted healthy stem cell counts up to 230 percent in as little as 10 days.1

That’s right —10 DAYS.

That’s a life-transforming number, for sure. But there’s so much more.

To date, there have been over 60 published studies on how icariin helps support and replenish repair stem cells. That’s fantastic news for your heart, joints, brain, lungs, bones, liver, kidneys, muscles – and more!

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this remarkable breakthrough ingredient and see if it indeed holds the potential to benefit your whole body from head to toe. . .

For Heart Health:

Researchers report that icariin
helped create healthy young heart cells

In a 2010 study2 published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, scientists wanted to see if stem cells extracted from fat cells could help grow healthy, new heart cells when exposed to icariin, the #1 ingredient in Stem Cell Restore. And that’s exactly what happened. Results like these hold the potential to transform modern medicine as we know it.

For Joints and Cartilage:

The icariin in Stem Cell Restore helped boost cartilage repair cells by 200%

In just 21 days, scientists counted EIGHT times more healthy cartilage cells in lab cultures.

The study1 was published in a peer reviewed medical journal, and the scientists observed a stunning improvement in the number of healthy cartilage cells.

After 21 days, there were eight times more cartilage cells in the samples that were exposed to icariin.

Think for a moment what results like these might mean for your joints and daily comfort.

For Kidneys:

Damaged Kidneys were repaired
by stem cells in 8 weeks

Proof for reversal of kidney damage emerged from a placebo-controlled animal study published in the prestigious Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine from BioMed Central in the UK.3

But how is it possible that damaged kidneys could actually be repaired?

The researchers believe that icariin has the unique ability to activate the genetic pathways that result in more healthy stem cells in the kidneys.

For Your Whole Body:

Bone Marrow Stem Cells climbed 200%
in just 10 days

This 200% increase – tripling the number of bone marrow cells – is REALLY important because bone marrow is the “factory” that produces precursor stem cells for...

What’s more, the researchers actually examined the new bone cells and discovered they had increased (much healthier) mineral deposits.4 In other words, the bone cells were younger and stronger too.

Bone loss was HALTED
in post-menopausal women

A study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research followed a group of healthy postmenopausal women for 24 months. One group took icariin (the same clinical dosage in Stem Cell Restore) daily. The other group took a placebo. Bone density was measured at 12 months, then again 24 months later.

The results? After 12 and 24 months, the placebo group experienced significant bone loss. The icariin group experienced ZERO bone loss at both 12 and 24 months. It was as if time had stood still for them.5

For Tendons and Shoulders:

Shoulder grew much stronger
and could carry a heavier load

In an in vivo study published in the International Journal of Molecular Science, icariin demonstrated the ability to help heal shoulders and tendons following surgery.6

Not only did the icariin group heal faster, but the bone-tendon bond and mechanical strength was significantly better. It was almost as if the joints had become younger.

Study published in the medical journal Molecules

Scientists could watch as the
bone cells rapidly multiplied.
Even better, the new cells were
younger and stronger...

When a research team decided to test the impact of icariin on the number and quality of bone cells produced, the results were remarkable.

Within 4 to 8 hours, the scientists observed that the icariin-treated bone cells began to organize, and then multiply. By day five, the increase in the number of healthy, new bone cells was obvious the moment they peered in the microscope.

By day 10, the results were even better. The cells had multiplied almost exponentially. But that still wasn’t the best news of all.

After close examination, they learned that the new cells were highly mineralized. That means they were strong and healthy.7

Studies like this made icariin the perfect ingredient for Stem Cell Restore. Just one capsule a day delivers the perfect dosage. It takes 20 seconds and you’re done for the day. How simple is that?

And I’m really just scratching the surface here. 60 published studies have demonstrated that icariin – Stem Cell Restore’s breakthrough ingredient – boosts the number of repair stem cells up to 400%.

In fact, I can give you. . .

1.5 BILLION REASONS You Need to Follow
These Stem Cell Breakthroughs

When it comes to healing and anti-aging, stem cells are the hottest research front in a hundred years. The National Institutes of Health alone have provided over 1.5 BILLION dollars for research.

Virtually every major medical center is now studying stem cells, including...

PLUS, hundreds more...and we’ve put their best, ready-for-prime-time discoveries to work for you in our new formula, Stem Cell Restore.

Stem Cell Restore rejuvenates and replenishes your supply of stem cells naturally. Laboratory testing has demonstrated it can safely boost stem cell counts up to five times over. That’s a 400% increase. (No $100,000 procedure, or needles, needed.)

And what happens if you don’t take action – if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity?

By age 65, your body’s output of repair stem cells plummets by 90% And the ones that remain are old and weak. So it takes longer to heal, repair, and maintain your body.

Result: Your skin looks older and wrinkly, your bones grow weak, your energy levels drop, your sharpness and energy fade, and you just feel OLD.

Your stem cells are the Mr. Fix-Its of your body – IF you have enough of them….

Did You Know You Have Millions of
Tiny Repairmen Patrolling Your Body?

Their mission? To replace your old worn out cells with fresh young ones. And when your cells are younger, so are you...

Let’s say you cut your finger. The injury acts like an SOS signal to your entire system.

Instantly, those tiny repairmen race to the scene and begin the process of healing and repair.

They replace the old, tired, or injured cells with brand new ones that are younger, stronger, fresher.

They tamp down any inflammation. And the cut heals. The injured skin is replaced by brand-new skin cells that are younger – and even better than the originals.

In medical terms, those repairmen have a very special name. And they’ve become one of the hottest new trends in medicine in a century.

You’ve probably heard of them. They’re called adult stem cells.

Before we go any further, it’s important for you to know that we’re not talking about embryonic stem cells.

You don’t need embryonic stem cells. Science has moved beyond that.

What we are talking about right now is a special kind of adult stem cells that are among the rarest and most valuable of all.

They’re called Repair Stem Cells – and you have millions of them in your body right now.

Here’s how they work:

It’s been estimated that the human body has about 37 trillion cells depending upon your physical size and weight.

You have heart cells, brain cells, liver cells, cartilage cells, blood cells, and the list goes on and on.

All of these cells are highly specialized and can only perform one function.  For instance, a heart cell would never work in your liver. A skin cell would never work in your knee cartilage.

These cells can only do one thing. But Repair Stem Cells are a completely different miracle.

A repair stem cell is like a chameleon. It can physically and genetically transform itself into whatever form your body needs.

That’s how those skin cells are replaced when you cut your finger accidentally. The repair cells race to the scene, and then transform themselves into brand-new,
healthy skin cells.

A repair stem cell has the remarkable ability to become virtually any cell in your body.

If your liver is damaged, they can become brand-new, healthy liver cells.

If you damage the cartilage in your knee, repair cells can become fresh, new cartilage cells.

It’s the same with your heart, your brain, your kidneys, and every organ in every cell in your body.

THE BIG PROBLEM is that, as you age, your body’s production of stem cells PLUMMETS.

That means you only have 10 percent of the essential stem cells you need to keep your body younger and healthy.

What does that mean?

Look at it this way. A young child has nearly a full supply of stem cells ready to go (100 percent).

So when a child breaks a bone or gets a cut, the injuries heal quite rapidly.

But as you grow older (and your stem cells diminish), it takes much longer to recover from injuries like these. And it’s not just a cut or a broken bone. It takes longer to recover from a cold or virus.

Your muscles need more time to recover from an exercise session.

Your energy levels suffer. And your activity level slows to a crawl. All of a sudden, you start giving up the activities you used to love to do.

Sounds a lot like the aging process doesn’t it?

That’s why many scientists believe that diminishing stem cell numbers are the most
critical indicator of old age.

According to a study at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, stem cells in the brain actually CONTROL how fast aging occurs in the entire body.

Even more remarkable, the researchers commented that “...the effects of this (stem cell) loss are NOT irreversible.

“By replenishing these stem’s possible to slow and even reverse various aspects of aging throughout the body.”

So what happens when you actually do replenish the natural supply of stem cells in the body?

“The stem cells are SO smart, all you have to do is turn them loose.  They float around to different areas of the body and fix them...”

Those are the words of a top stem cell expert and MD, from a recent issue of Men’s Journal.

But there’s more...

A Stanford University stem cell research team is stunned with the results...

One researcher reported they had one woman who could “... barely lift her she’s walking.”

Every day, there are dozens of remarkable recoveries being reported in the media,
and published in medical journals.

In Irvine, CA, a 45-year-old basketball player tore his knee ligament in a pickup game. The typical response is surgical repair and a long recovery process that can last a year.

Even still, at age 45, a full recovery was by NO means a sure thing.

Instead, he opted for a stem cell procedure. 90 days later, the injury had healed itself. He recently reported “I can jump, run hard, and I’m about back to normal.”

Results like these are opening the door to a whole NEW WORLD of healing called

And it may be the most exciting new field of medicine in a century.

What does it mean?

It means that instead of stitching and replacing body parts...or flooding your system with drugs...

Your body is programmed to actually repair itself, cell by cell, organ by organ.

According to the director of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, “Regenerative medicine is not trying to create the bionic man but to harness the healing powers of the human body and buttress them...”

In other words, your body regenerates and replaces old or damaged cells, just the way Nature intended.

That’s why we created Stem Cell Restore. Finally, the public has a natural, inexpensive way to support and replenish stem cell numbers. No needles. No $100,000 bills.

Best of all, our breakthrough ingredient has been reviewed and shown effective in over 60 published studies.

That’s the kind of natural support your stem cells need to stay abundant and young.

Look at it this way...

In a world where Doctors play “God” and tinker with your chemical balances with drugs... or rearrange your insides with a scalpel...isn’t it better to help the human body repair itself?

And when it comes to aging, isn’t it better to replace your tired, old cells with fresh, young ones? So...

You’d be making plans to do all the things you LOVE to do.

Like a walk on the beach...a round of golf with your friends, or simply preserving your precious independence and mobility.

Now so far I’ve just told you about ONE of the remarkable ingredients in Stem Cell Restore’s exclusive formula. Wait till you hear the rest – you’re in for a treat!

Stem Cell Restore’s  Breakthrough Ingredient #2:

Resveratrol That Increases
Adult Repair Stem Cells by 200%

Everyone knows that resveratrol is good for your heart. It’s extracted from grapes... found in red wine... and it may be the reason the French eat so much “unhealthy” food and yet live so long. That’s old news by now.

What’s really got experts excited about resveratrol is the #1 reason you’ll find it in Stem Cell Restore.

A landmark new study of lab-cultured cells found that resveratrol increases adult repair stem cells by over 200%.

What’s more, these repair cells have the ability to turn into blood cells, endothelial cells, liver and heart cells, smooth muscle cells, even bone cells, so they go to work where you need them most.8

But the good news on this anti-aging powerhouse keeps on coming.

In double-blind, placebo-controlled studies resveratrol has also been proven to…

Facts like this make resveratrol an absolutely perfect addition to the Stem Cell Restore formula.

But there’s still so MUCH more in this breakthrough formula.

Stem Cell Restore’s Breakthrough Ingredients #3 and #4:

The Black Currant Cocktail That
Keeps Your Bones Stronger Much Longer

Right this minute your bones are fighting for their lives. Why?

As you age, the stem cells you need to keep your bones supple and strong get weaker.

They start slowing down just when you need them to produce the most.

So how do you get those tired, old stem cells to start producing again?

That’s where Stem Cell Restore comes in. You see, a study showed that combining blueberries with Vitamin D3 helped rejuvenate aging bone and bone marrow cells like crazy.12 So we took that data one step further and used black currants, a berry that’s even more nutrient-rich than blueberries.

If you’ve never heard of black currants, it’s high time you did.

Black currants have 8 times the concentration of healthy anthocyanins than cultivated blueberries.

Plus, they’re packed with over 37 times MORE vitamin C.

Separately, these two natural bone-builders are good for you.

But together in Stem Cell Restore, vitamin D and black currant are just the anti-aging cocktail your bone stem cells need to be fruitful and multiply.

Stem Cell Restore’s Breakthrough Ingredient #5:

The Lost Ingredient in a $350,000 Bottle
of California Wine

It’s called grape seed, and cutting-edge research has demonstrated that it...

But that’s only the beginning...

At a 2017 auction, one single bottle of red wine was auctioned off for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Now, any sane person would ask: “Are they crazy?!” But the real question is, why would anyone pay that much for a bottle of wine when the real superstars of those cabernet sauvignon grapes — the grape seeds — were thrown away in processing.

It’s like throwing away diamonds and keeping the box.

You see, grape seeds contain a powerful type of antioxidant called oligomeric proanthocynidins (OPC s).

And these overlooked compounds have the power to boost stem cells all over your body.

OPCs were discovered in 1936 by French professor Jacques Masquelier. And they have the remarkable ability to increase bone marrow stem cell production by 35%.

That’s critical because your bone marrow produces a large share of the stem cells needed for other parts of your body.

Grape seeds also have...

50 TIMES more antioxidant power than vitamin E. 20 TIMES more than vitamin C.

Even more remarkable, grape seed acts like a booster for all other antioxidants—so they work better.

Grape seed is also fantastic for blood pressure...

A recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study at University of California/Davis revealed that grape seed extract can lower systolic blood pressure 12 points (and diastolic bp  dropped 8 points.)

Great for your capillaries.

Another French study showed that grape seed extract supports flexibility and function of your capillaries.

Protects your brain from inflammation.15

Even the US Government – no friend of natural treatments – admits that grape seed extract helps protect your brain from inflammation.

How can you be sure you’re getting the right amount of OPCs in your daily diet?

It’s simple. Just take a single capsule of Stem Cell Restore in the morning. It’s the essence of anti-aging simplicity.

Wouldn’t you rather grow younger the way Nature intended, with Stem Cell Restore?

Stem cell anti-aging therapies are the rage in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the major media these days.

And why not? The results are stunning.

And if you’ve got $100,000 of “pocket money” to spend, it seems to make sense.

So WHY does our expert research team feel like it’s NOT the best way to support and replenish your supply of healthy, young stem cells?

Here’s why...

Suppose you go to a fancy stem cell clinic tomorrow and hand them a BIG check for their services. What happens next?

First, they do a medical exam to check your overall health. Then the procedure begins.

Step One: They grab a GIANT needle and extract some of the fat cells from your stomach area.

Heck, some clinics even throw in a bonus round of liposuction.

Why fat cells? Because research has shown that human fat cells are the ideal source for adult stem cells. And most of us have plenty of them to go around.

Step Two: They place those cells in a Petri dish and cultivate them.

Hopefully, there’s no bacterial contamination or, Heaven forbid, any kind of a mix-up.

Step Three: The BIG needle is back, and they inject the cultivated cells back in your body.

That’s the whole procedure. Except, you’re going to need to repeat this procedures as many as two or three times a year.

Now, all this is fine, except we believe it’s better to let your body do the work (as Nature planned) when it comes to producing stem cells.

That’s why Stem Cell Restore makes such good, common sense.

Just one capsule first thing in the morning, and that’s it.  You’re giving your body the essential support it needs to produce your own stem cells naturally.

It’s entirely different from the expensive injection therapies, and certainly less painful.

Doesn’t it make sense to try this first?

We should name it...

The You’ll-Never-Send-Me-to-
a-Nursing-Home Pill

When we first created and tested the formula for Stem Cell Restore, we had a hard time coming up with the right name for the product.

The research and early reviews were off-the-charts fantastic, so we wanted the perfect name. What we discovered during this process is just how profoundly important this product can be in a person’s life. Some of the name suggestions speak for themselves.

Favorite Nickname #1:
The-You’ll-Never-Send-Me-to-a-Nursing-Home Pill.
When you grow older, is there anything more important than your independence? Of course not. Stem Cell Restore can help by supporting the production of millions of young cells in your body.

Favorite Nickname #2:
The-Please-Save-Me-From-The -Medical-System Pill.
For anyone over 50 these days, there’s a disturbing medical trend that over-medicalizes our lives. Doctors and surgeons are just waiting to pounce with noxious drugs and scalpels. But they can’t touch you if you’re too darn healthy and still vibrantly young.

Favorite Nickname #3:
The-Get-BACK-That Glow-I-Used-to-Have Pill!
Your skin completely renews itself at the cellular level every 14 days. Stem Cell Restore helps support the process with a flood of young, supple, glowing skin cells. And when your skin cells are young, the glow of youth returns.

Favorite Nickname #4:
The-Save-Me-From-My-Bad-Diet -and-Habits Pill!
Hey...most of us haven’t taken the best care of our bodies. Stem Cell Restore helps replace those tired old cells with brand-new ones unhindered by a lifetime of bad habits.

Favorite Nickname #5:
The-80-is-the-New-50 Pill!
It’s a fact that stem cell therapy to reverse aging is a once-in-a-generation breakthrough. Every day, thousands of researchers are looking for new ways to bring this discovery to the general public and redefine what it means to grow old. Someday soon, 80 will truly be the new 50 thanks to breakthroughs like Stem Cell Restore.

Favorite Nickname #6:
The-I-Want-to-Die-Young-Sometime-After-100 Pill.
Stem Cell Restore is not merely about living longer. Who wants to live to 100, if you can’t enjoy life?  The secret is to live young...and then die young, sometime after age 100. That’s why our formula focuses like a laser beam on rejuvenating your cells so they stay younger longer than you ever believed possible.

Favorite Nickname #7:
The-I-Never-Want-to-Need-a-Walker Pill!
For many seniors, a walker is the first sign that their world is getting smaller. Stem Cell Restore can help support your precious freedom for life. If your cells are young and strong, so are you.

It Must be Love

As you can tell from the nicknames, those of us who take Stem Cell Restore don’t just like it, we love it! And no wonder.

It takes all of 20 seconds each morning to pour a glass of water and take one, tiny capsule that delivers...

1: A research-level dosage of icariin: It’s the herbal extract that’s proven to support and boost repair stem cell numbers up to FIVE times over.

And it works in every corner of your body including your heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, cartilage, tendons, bones, teeth, and more.

When it comes to growing biologically younger, icariin is a breakthrough that changes everything.

2: Resveratrol: We already knew it’s proven to help lower cholesterol by as much as 20%, reduce inflammation, support your artery health, and lower blood sugar. But recent research has revealed it can triple your healthy stem cell numbers. That makes it the perfect companion to icariin.

3 and 4: Black currant and Vitamin D3. Black currants alone have 8 times the healthy anthocyanins found in blueberries, and 37 times more vitamin C. When you combine vitamin D3 and anthocyanins, one study has shown they boost the stem cell count in your bone marrow. And that’s important, because your bone marrow is the main “factory” that pumps out healthy young stem cells for your whole body.

5: Grape Seed Extract: Studies show it boosts bone-marrow stem-cell production by 35%. It’s 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. It acts like a booster for all other antioxidants. It helps lower blood pressure up to 12 points. Plus it heals and protects your arteries and brain.

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