Here are 4 clues to your real problem, Dear Reader…

CLUE #1: Does your belly remain stubbornly bloated and “pooched out” over your beltline despite your best efforts to exercise and diet it away?

CLUE #2:  Do you sit on  the toilet for long periods, grunting and straining — only to be disappointed by your scant results (like, rock-hard rabbit pellets or a watery discharge)?

CLUE #3:  Do you sometimes go for days (or weeks) without having a satisfying, “emptying” bowel movement (BM)?

CLUE #4:  Do you find yourself resorting to laxatives, suppositories or even sloppy, embarrassing enemas to get things moving again down there?

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, my friend…

Many people have these very same symptoms, although they’re often too shy to discuss their bathroom habits – or anything pertaining to issues “down there” – even with a doctor.

They don’t realize their elimination problems can be responsible for a variety of seemingly “unrelated” health complaints, such as…

However, they usually open up — once I explain to them how their elimination problems can be responsible for a variety of seemingly “unrelated” health complaints, such as…

And those are just a few of the health issues that can be caused by the underlying problem my 4 CLUES are pointing toward.

But don’t worry if you fail to see the connection.

By the end of this letter, this all will make perfect sense to you — and you won’t need to give it a second thought because...

…I’m going to show you a simple, easy way to completely empty your bowels every day like clockworkand by doing so, flush many of your recurring health problems right down the toilet, too! But first, let me introduce myself

Hi! My name is
Lee Euler…

As President of Green Valley Natural Solutions, I’ve learned there are certain connections in human health that conventional physicians tend to sometimes overlook.

“How you’re feeling and how you’re pooping” is a good example of this.

You see, your bowel (also known as your colon or large intestine) has the very important job of extracting fluids and nutrition from the food you eat — and then removing the remaining wastes from your body.

When this system is working properly, good health and high energy usually result. But if your bowels are unable to extract adequate nutrition from your food — or if those wastes aren’t being completely removed from your body — your health can really suffer.

And this is happening more and more often today.

If you have any 2 of the 4 Clues described above, it’s a warning sign that your bowels are not removing these waste products (called feces or stool) as they should.

What’s often happening is that some of these waste products are being held in their bowel, resulting in incomplete elimination.

This can lead to some very unpleasant consequences. For instance…

1. After a few days, those retained feces begin to putrefy (rot) in the bowel, generating smelly gases … pathogenic bacteria and viruses … fungi and parasites … yeast overgrowth (most notably candida albicans) … and toxic compounds.

2. These wastes must find another way to exit, which often results in halitosis (bad breath) … body odor … foul-smelling stools … chronic gas (frequent flatulence) … kidney problems … poor complexion and other skin problems.

3. Over time, those fecal residues harden on the walls of the intestine, accumulating in layer-upon-layer. This further bloats and “pooches” the belly, making it bulge above the beltline.

You may look “fat” in the mirror
but this isn’t all fat, my friend!

And what’s happening is far more serious…

4. These hardened, impacted layers can block the absorption of nutrients from your food. As a result, important vitamins, minerals and nutrients pass through your body undigested or absorbed.  This leaves you feeling fatigued and “low-energy.” Your cells and organs become malnourished, even if you’re eating a high-quality, organic diet — and even if your body appears to be well-fed.

But that’s not the worst of it…

5. When these toxic substances spill into the bloodstream, they can accumulate at dangerous levels in your blood (a condition known as toxemia).

6. Your immune system, responding to the harmful bacteria and organisms breeding in the festering colon, launches a massive counterattack of white blood cells against them. This triggers widespread inflammation throughout the body, which you feel as pain in your joints and muscles.

7. Every organ in your body is affected. You begin to look and feel old. You walk with stiff and painful joints that restrict your mobility. Your eyes and brain become dull. You gain more weight. You’re uncomfortable and in pain most of the time. Finally, you lose the joy for living and feel depressed and hopeless.

8. This worsening toxicity weakens your immune system’s ability to do its job of fighting infections and disease effectively. As a result, you become a sitting duck for a host of ills and diseases.

9. If this situation persists, the body becomes poisoned from its own wastes (called autointoxication) — and serious sickness, followed by death, usually results.

As disturbing as this may sound to you, doctors are seeing this more often in their patients these days. In fact, it’s so common they even have a name for it:

“Toxic Swollen Colon Syndrome” (TSCS)

Doctors who specialize in holistic medicine also realize that TSCS can secretly cause a variety of seemingly unrelated health problems I mentioned before — including  joint and back pain … aching muscles … mental confusion and “brain fog” … mood swings and irritability … fatigue … and immune problems, just to name a few.

And now you know why.

Food that’s been rotting in your colon for months (or years!) is highly toxic. And if this cesspool of poisons and pathogenic bacteria leaks into your bloodstream, it can make you very sick indeed — and could ultimately kill you.

From constipation to … early death?

That’s so true! In earlier times, physicians watched for these signs because they were taught: “Death begins in the colon.”

But these days, very few conventional doctors see the connection — and even fewer bother to investigate deeper. Instead, they write prescriptions for each new “health problem that crops up” (i. e., headache … joint pain … muscle aches … depression …etc.)…

…without realizing these symptoms have the same underlying cause: a backed-up bowel.

But these disparate symptoms often completely vanish when the colon is cleaned up and restored to health.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’m alerting you to this problem because the odds are very good that…

you could be carrying around 5 … 10 … 15 … or 20 pounds (and yes even more!) of putrefying feces in your bowels which may be making you ill without you or your doctor realizing it. Just look at this recent evidence…

A recent medical study in Europe made a shocking discovery: a whopping 62% of adults whom researchers examined were found to have an average of 10-12 pounds of residual fecal matter buildup (in other words: old, decaying poop) in their large intestines and rectums.1

Even more startling was the discovery that, upon closer examination, these decaying feces had been there for decades in many of the people!

(Not surprisingly, these people all complained of various digestive problems —
including unexplained “tummy bloat” … chronic and embarrassing bowel gas … abdominal pain and cramping … plus occasional constipation. These are the 4 Clues you should be on the lookout for.)

“No way is that me!” you say?

Please don’t think this can’t be happening to you because you have at least one bowel movement per day. Because, guess what…

So did the people in this study!

In fact, more than 80% of the adults in the study reported having at least one bowel movement daily!

But, as the researchers later discovered, those daily bowel movements weren’t removing the buildup of decaying fecal matter which had hardened and impacted on their intestinal walls.

Quite the opposite! This buildup steadily increased with each new meal they consumed — and every subsequent bowel movement that flowed through this ever-narrowing channel of impacted poop in their colons.

This is confirmed by actual autopsies!

In hundreds of random autopsies conducted for this purpose on people who had died from a variety of causes, examiners found that 90% of the cadavers’ colons held significant deposits of hardened, decayed feces which had encrusted in layer-upon-layer on the intestine walls.

The medical examiners reported that many of these swollen colons had stretched to twice their natural size.

One autopsy revealed a colon that was 9 inches in diameter with a channel through it no larger than a pencil. (Normal diameter is 2-3 inches.)

Another discovered a stagnant colon that weighed an incredible 40 pounds! (Imagine carrying around that much toxic waste inside your body!)

Projected onto the general population, these studies indicate that 90% of all adults today are walking around with dysfunctional colons that are encrusted with pounds of putrefying old feces that are protruding their bellies and making them ill. Here’s an extreme example…

His colon was so swollen,
he looked 9 months pregnant!

Doctors recently removed a portion of the large intestine from a man who was carrying around 28 pounds of feces in his unresponsive bowel.

This man was unable to defecate without the assistance of laxatives (which he took daily for years). As a result, his bowel had become so stuffed with food and feces that he appeared 9 months pregnant! (The photos above show the surgeon with the portion of the feces-stuffed bowel that he removed.) Thankfully, this surgery has put the patient on the road to recovery.


Is your colon swollen with
pounds of toxic, decaying old poop?

Studies reveal that the average adult has between 5 and 20 pounds of decaying, impacted feces trapped in his or her bowels, causing them discomfort and embarrassment … making them appear overweight and less attractive … and impairing their good health and happiness.

These layers of dried-up, dirty fecal matter are the underlying cause of so many digestive problems, including gas, bloating, fatigue, abdominal pain, constipation … and even worse.

And a normal bowel movement — even if these people could have one — won’t get rid of these hardened, impacted residues.

For that you need a deep, thorough, detoxifying colon cleanse that will empty your bowel and then re-establish your natural bowel rhythms so you can remain clean and regular afterward. But how to accomplish this?

Certainly not with a laxative, stool softener or an enema. They can’t possibly get all that hardened, encrusted gunk out of your colon — and I’ll tell you why…

Because that’s not a laxative’s job!

A laxative contains chemical compounds that stimulate the nerve endings in the walls of your intestines to get things “moving” again.

This movement is the snake-like muscular contractions called peristalsis which squeezes digested food through the length of your intestines.

While your digesting food travels, your intestines absorb liquids and nutrients from it until only feces or stool remains. (See illustration below.) Peristalsis then pushes it out through your rectum as a BM.

This entire process should be easy and natural.

But sometimes it isn’t — because sometimes peristalsis gets interrupted. And that’s when trouble begins.

Imagine what would happen if all the traffic signals in downtown New York City suddenly quit working at the peak of rush hour. No traffic could possibly move!

Well, this same sort of immobilizing traffic jam halts all movement in your colon when peristalsis stops — otherwise known as constipation.

And who doesn’t dread being constipated?

I mean, is there anything worse than that tight, crampy, bloated feeling that persists in your gut when you just can’t poop?

When your swollen belly keeps expanding until you look 20 pounds overweight?

When your morning bowel movement takes so long that you’re able to read all your emails and the day’s news?

Or when you have to grunt and push like a Sumo wrestler, only to pass a few rabbit pellets or a meager, runny discharge?

What a lousy way to start the day. On the other hand…

“A great day begins with a ‘smooth move!’”

You know from personal experience that this  is true, right?

Likewise: “A crappy BM foretells a crappy day.”

That’s because constipation can ruin your day … your week … and if it persists, it can ruin your life. Here’s what I mean…

It normally takes about 100 hours for a meal to be fully digested and be excreted. That means, at any given time your intestines are processing your last 8 meals.

So, if peristalsis gets interrupted, all that food just sits there trapped, like cars in a Manhattan traffic jam. And because your bowel is warm and wet, this food quickly begins to decay and rot — generating noxious odors, nasty bacteria and loads of toxins.

Remember, your colon is the sewage system of your body. So if those last 8 meals you ate get backed up in your colon, those putrefying wastes can leak into your bloodstream and make you very sick.

But even when the traffic is stalled, your colon continues extracting liquid from this stagnant mess — so your stool becomes dryer and harder, making it even more difficult to pass.

This is called fecal impaction of the colon.

Many people are unaware of the problem, however, even though they feel bloated and uncomfortable. This is because they still may be producing eliminations (although these are not true bowel movements).

What’s really happening is that, even though the entire length of their colon is impacted with hardened fecal matter, a narrow channel allows for smaller, softer feces to pass through.

Over time, fecal residues may become so impacted that the colon walls are stretched way beyond their normal 2-3 inch diameter size. If this condition continues, the colon can stretch to the point where its nerves are no longer capable of triggering peristalsis. Once this occurs, the person loses voluntary control over the bowel muscles and becomes incontinent. In this case, surgery is necessary.

The real solution is to get this smelly, sickening, rotting mess out of you with a deep, thorough colon cleanse! And in a moment, I’ll tell you about a quick and easy way to do just that. But before I do, let me explain how a Toxic Swollen Colon gets so impacted in the first place

It all begins with constipation

Conventional doctors define constipation as having fewer than 3 bowel movements per week.

This is pretty ridiculous when you think about it because anyone having only 2 BMs per week can’t possibly be healthy. Keeping so much waste inside for so long is definitely not good for you!

In fact, the whole idea of counting bowel movements is unreliable because, as I’ve just explained, it’s possible to have multiple daily “eliminations” without removing very much of the gunk that’s trapped inside your colon.

What you really want is at least one satisfying BM experience of “emptying” your bowel every day.  If this isn’t happening, you can bet you’re having a problem.

So, what’s interrupting your “natural flow?”

Here are the most common causes of constipation…

1. Ignoring the urge to go. When you’re busy all day at work or shopping or spending time with friends and family, you can’t always slip out to the toilet when Nature calls. But putting the brakes on that impulse can actually cause or worsen constipation.

When the last section of your intestines, the rectum, fills up with stool, it sends a message to your brain signaling it’s time to “go.” If you hold back that BM, your rectum returns the contents to your sigmoid colon where it continues extracting fluid from your stool, making it dryer, harder and more difficult to pass when you finally get some throne time. This causes constipation. Here’s another common cause…

2. Too little fiber. Dietary fiber makes your stool bulky and easy to move. A diet lacking in fiber has the opposite effect. Processed foods usually have a lot of calories, but very little nutritional value — which is why your digestive system has difficulty getting rid of them.

High-fiber foods produce stool which is light and bulky, but the typical American “goo and glue” contains low-fiber processed foods which easily compact into a dense, hard mass that’s difficult to push through the colon. As a result, the overworked muscles of the colon begin to tire and eventually give up altogether — and movement halts.

Hardly anyone today gets enough fiber. Americans typically consume about 15 grams of fiber a day less than half the daily recommendation!

3. Medical conditions. Nearly 1-in-3 diabetics suffer from constipation.  This is because diabetes damages nerves throughout the body, including those in the intestinal tract which control peristalsis. This nerve damage slows or completely stops the transit time of stool through the intestines, resulting in constipation, fecal impaction and Toxic Swollen Colon.

Depression is another constipation-prone condition. One study found that 1/3 of patients with constipation were also depressed. Researchers theorize that depression slows down all bodily processes. Also, antidepressant medications interfere with peristalsis, resulting in constipation.

4. Opioid painkillers. The majority of patients who use opioid pain-relievers suffer from some form of constipation. This is because opioids interrupt peristalsis and stop traffic in the bowel. This results in a hardened stool that won’t budge — even with laxatives.

5. Other medications. Other medications which have been found to cause constipation include: acetaminophen (Tylenol), anticholinergics, antihistamines, antipsychotics, calcium-channel blockers, beta-blockers, diuretics, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

6. Aging. Constipation is most common in the elderly (adults 70 or older). This is due to a number of factors, including slower digestion … reduced physical activity … and taking more medications. More than 70% of institutionalized elderly (in hospitals and nursing homes) use laxatives daily.

7. Female gender. Women are 2-3 times as likely as men to have chronic constipation. This is due to the influence of hormones on digestive function.

8. Stress. There is a direct connection between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the so-called “small brain” of the gut, called the enteric nervous system. When you’re stressed, it can affect the regularity of bowel movements, as well as cause gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

9. Laxative dependence. Driven by desperation, many people resort to taking a stimulant or irritant laxative. These contain chemicals which irritate the nerve endings in the bowel walls to reactivate peristalsis. However, they won’t be effective if the intestinal wall is impacted with fecal residues which insulate these nerve endings.

This “laxative resistance” tempts people to take larger doses which can lead to laxative dependency. But prolonged use of stimulant laxatives also can damage bowel nerves, which further inhibits natural peristalsis.

That’s why doctors at the world-famous Mayo Clinic recently warned: “If you frequently use certain laxatives over a period of weeks or months, they can decrease your colon’s natural ability to contract and actually worsen constipation. In severe cases, overuse of laxatives can damage nerves, muscles and tissues of the large intestine.”

So you see, frequent laxative use can actually give you a Toxic Swollen Colon or make it much worse!

Suppositories and enemas aren’t much better. They only clean out the last few inches at the end of your colon. But remember: your colon is 5 feet long, so the majority of it isn’t affected by these products! But there is a better way…

A good colon cleanse succeeds where laxatives and enemas can’t.

When you have an impacted Toxic Swollen Colon, it’s impossible for ordinary laxatives or enemas to remove the dried, impacted layers of fecal residues that have become encrusted on the intestinal walls.

For this, you need a deep colon cleanse. Here’s why…

A good colon cleanse loosens the encrusted fecal wastes that have swollen the colon and are smothering it.

A good colon cleanse reactivates the natural peristaltic movement, allowing this toxic build-up to be sluffed off the walls of the intestines.

A good colon cleanse draws water into the bowel which softens the fecal residue, allowing it to travel easily through the entire length of the bowel and then be comfortably evacuated.

And a good colon cleanse also contains healing compounds which soothe, calm and heal tissue which has been irritated, inflamed and poisoned by toxic fecal matter — leaving bowel walls and nerve endings “in the pink” of health.

And you’ll be amazed by what comes out!

In your first cleansing bowel movements, your Toxic Swollen Colon can shed several pounds of hardened, caked-on fecal build-up, leaving you feeling completely “emptied out.” 

No grunting or straining is required, either — because a good colon cleanse turns your stool into a soft, fluffy mass that slides out easily in long, dark “ropes” and blobs which hold all the sludge and crud, toxins, mucus, bacteria — even parasites! — that once bloated and swelled your belly.

You’ll feel “cleaned out” and lighter immediately. And many people are surprised at how thin and flat their belly looks as soon as they’ve finished “going.”

Colon Ultra Cleanse is ideal for people with symptoms of Toxic Swollen Colon…

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of Toxic Swollen Colon, I encourage you to try Colon Ultra Cleanse.

It’s extremely safe and easy to use. It contains all-natural ingredients – and has been carefully formulated by our scientists and researchers at Green Valley Natural Solutions. It’s very inexpensive. And, best of all, it really gets the job done.

Remember the European study conducted on adults with Toxic Bowel Syndrome that I mentioned earlier? Just look at this…

When doctors gave those poor people a treatment which included one of the main ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse (a special type of soluble fiber called psyllium), the patients’ bowel mass was reduced from 42% to 17% and their constipation decreased from 62% to 19%!

Wouldn’t you love results like this?

As a result, the patients reported much easier bowel movements … significant reductions in their abdominal bloating … less discomfort and pressure “down there” … and a welcomed decrease in their gas and flatulence. 

Not content with those impressive results, our scientists at Green Valley Natural Solutions relied on this study to develop an advanced formula of Colon Ultra Cleanse that performs even better.

Utilizing the same soluble fiber in the European study, our scientists included 5 additional ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse that would thoroughly cleanse, detoxify, purify and tone the colon — and encourage natural peristalsis so that regular BMs could take over again. 

All this was achieved without cleansing fasts … without bland, high-fiber diets … without messy, painful colonics … without slimy fiber drinks … without intrusive high enemas … and without expensive and awkward “bowel massages.”

And you won’t get results like these from a laxative!

I’m not a big fan of the chemical-based commercial laxatives you see advertised on TV because they can damage the delicate lining of your bowel. In addition, they can be overly harsh on your digestive system, causing cramping … electrolyte imbalances … and dehydration, which often makes constipation worse.

Another danger: prolonged use of these laxative products can cause your bowel to lose its muscle tone — so it “forgets” how to push your  stool  out on its own.

Even scarier, some of these chemical-based laxatives have been linked to Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain damage and mood disorders because they contain a toxic chemical known as propylene glycol (the same compound in anti-freeze)! 

(In fact, the FDA issued a warning about the most popular laxative brands back in December of 2011, citing their potential to cause adverse “neuropsychiatric events.”)

So, if you must use a laxative, I recommend you stick with a product that is all-natural and herbal-based. Why? Because these are safer … gentle on your system … and they work much better than their harsh chemical cousins.

The very best natural laxative for common, run-of-the-mill constipation is FDA-approved senna, which is made from the leaves and fruit of the senna plant (Senna alexandrina). This is an herb which contains natural laxative compounds (called sennosides) and has been used safely for centuries.

Yet, as effective as senna is, senna can’t correct and heal an impacted Toxic Swollen Colon on its own. No laxative product can achieve this.

That’s why our Green Valley scientists combined senna with 5 additional ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse. Together, they act synergistically to achieve results that can only be described as “spectacular.” Here’s how it works and why it’s so effective…

Colon Ultra Cleanse works fast — usually within
hours or overnight!

Imagine waking up and starting each new day with a satisfying, “emptying” BM that leaves you feeling light, energized and ready for whatever life throws your way.

You can count on it when you swallow a few capsules of Colon Ultra Cleanse before bedtime. Overnight, its synergistic ingredients work together to correct the underlying cause of your constipation to clean out your Toxic Swollen Colon and get things moving again.  Here’s how…

Step 1: As they reach your bowel, the ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse begin to draw extra water there, softening the dried, impacted fecal residues which are clinging to your intestinal walls — thus making it easier for them to sluff off and be removed.

Step 2: Colon Ultra Cleanse contains psyllium husk, a superstar fiber powder that swells to 10 ten times its size when it comes in contact with the liquid in your bowel, forming a goopy gel (see photos 1-4 above) that surrounds and captures those fecal residues to create a soft, bulky stool.

Step 3: As the crusty fecal residues peel off the walls of your bowel, the lining becomes exposed. This allows the senna compounds in Colon Ultra Cleanse to gently stimulate the nerve endings they contact, thus initiating the bowel’s natural peristaltic muscle contractions that “squeeze” the soft, bulky stool through it. (Senna is a gentle, plant-based laxative approved for use by the FDA. Each capsule of Colon Ultra Cleanse contains a standardized dose of the highest-quality senna extract.)

Step 4:  Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the stool gathers mass as it absorbs more fecal residues while traveling the length of the bowel. As it increases in size, the stool literally “scrapes” away fecal matter, mucus and toxins, fat deposits and cholesterol build-up from the inner walls of the intestine.

Step 5: Once the decayed fecal residues have been removed, the delicate lining of the colon’s walls need to be soothed, cleansed and healed. To accomplish this, the Colon Ultra Cleanse formula contains 4 medicinal herbs, including….

Goldenseal root extract. When you recall how quickly an infant’s skin becomes irritated and raw if its messy diaper isn’t changed promptly, you can imagine how inflamed and damaged the lining of the intestine can get after being smothered by layers of toxic, decaying fecal residues for so long.

That’s why Colon Ultra Cleanse contains goldenseal. Used for centuries in Native American medicine and by European physicians, goldenseal contains a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called berberine which soothes and restores your inflamed colon walls to a healthy state.

Goldenseal also is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent which destroys pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms and infections that breed in decaying feces.

This extraordinary medicinal herb also contains hydrastine, a natural substance which reestablishes muscle tone in bowel walls and improves blood circulation. (So don’t be surprised if you also notice shrinkage and improvements if you have hemorrhoids.)

Fennel seed powder. If you’ve ever dined in an Indian or Asian restaurant, you’ve no doubt been offered a small bowl of tiny, licorice-tasting seeds after your meal. Those are fennel seeds, a time-honored digestive aid. Seeds of the fennel plant (Foeniculum vulgare), have traditionally been used as medicine in the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations for centuries.

Modern studies confirm that fennel seed relieves gas, flatulence and bloating … relaxes the muscles of the stomach and intestines … prevents and relieves abdominal cramping … and improves digestion. This explains fennel seeds’ ability to calm the muscles of your intestine — and to relieve and soothe inflamed tissue. 

Other studies have found that fennel’s main oil, anethole, prevents the growth and proliferation of abnormal cells in the colon — and blocks the activation of a gene which triggers inflammation there.

These outstanding healing properties made fennel seed powder an ideal addition to the Colon Ultra Cleanse formula.

Ginger root powder. One of the most health-building medicinal plants on Earth, ginger root possesses impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities.

Because it is carminative, herbal experts recommend ginger as an effective natural treatment for colon problems — especially for the elimination of toxins and digestive wastes that get stuck in the bowel. For this reason, ginger is often used in combination with the laxative herb senna. They work synergistically to stimulate peristalsis and empty the colon thoroughly.

Ginger’s main bioactive compound is gingerol, which is a potent inflammation-fighting agent and responsible for much of its medicinal properties. Studies show it reduces inflammation in the colon and inhibits the formation of abnormal cells there which might otherwise proliferate out of control.

N-acetylcysteine. Also known as N-Acetyl Cysteine and commonly referred to as NAC, this is an antioxidant found naturally in the body. Supplementing with NAC increases your levels of glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant which protects your cells from toxins, carcinogens and other harmful substances.

As a powerful antioxidant, NAC also protects your cells from oxidative damage done by free radical molecules which are responsible for disease and premature aging.

Since many toxic substances pass through the colon from food and drink — or are created there as free radicals — protecting the intestinal lining is of paramount importance to your health and well-being.

For example, studies show that people who took NAC supplements had a significant reduction in the recurrence of abnormal growths in their colons (called polyps). Another study found that when biopsies were conducted on colon polyps removed from patients taking NAC, they showed far more normal cells compared to the placebo.

Researchers have found that NAC protects the colon from harmful substances that can increase inflammation and generate free radicals which can damage your DNA.

Is this the most thorough and complete colon cleanse formula ever created?

I certainly believe it is. Especially when I read the heartfelt thanks from so many customers who tell me how well it has worked to reverse their Toxic Swollen Colons and to restore them to healthy regularity again.

The 6 all-natural ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse work together to clean you out … put an end to Toxic Swollen Colon … soothe and heal damaged bowel tissue … and restore your colon’s natural peristaltic rhythm so you get — and stay — regular.

Your BMs will become smoother … easier … and more complete — “emptying” you of those wastes and removing any toxins before they can damage your health. 

And you’ll be surprised at how this one simple change can transform your entire personality. (Read their true-life testimonies at right and at the end of this letter.)

One thing is certain…

How you’re feeling has everything to do with how you’re pooping!

How in the world can you be healthy or happy if you’re carrying around 5 … 10 … 15 … 20 extra pounds (or more!) of decaying, backed-up, fecal residues inside a bloated Toxic Swollen Colon?

So, here’s my suggestion: Do what so many happy Colon Ultra Cleanse customers have done and…

“Let it all go — now!”

I can’t think of a faster, easier or better way to improve your health … your appearance … and your emotional state than by cleaning out your toxic gunked-up insides with Colon Ultra Cleanse.

What a relief it will be, I promise you!

In fact, I’m so sure Colon Ultra Cleanse will help you feel healthier, lighter, thinner, more energized and just plain happier, that I’m offering you this “can’t lose” opportunity to try it without risking a penny…

Just pay postage and handling
to try Colon Ultra Cleanse. It must work for you
or it’s FREE!

Here’s my “no strings attached” offer to you...

I invite you to give Colon Ultra Cleanse a Risk-Free Free Trial for 30 days. Just pay the small expense for shipping and handling and I will send you a 60-day supply. If you’re not utterly delighted with your results by or before Day 30, just let me know by phone or email — and you won’t owe me a cent.

But if Colon Ultra Cleanse does everything I’ve promised, just keep your supply and continue enjoying your results. Use it to stay “clean and empty” inside week after week. You pay for it ONLY after you prove to yourself it works!

It’s so gentle, you can use it every day!

When you receive your initial shipment of Colon Ultra Cleanse, you’ll notice that the capsules are small — so you can safely take up to 6 per day to get your colon cleaned out. Afterward, you can cut back to a maintenance dose of 2 per night — and stay on it for as long as you like.

Day after day, the psyllium fiber in Colon Ultra Cleanse produces a soft, bulky stool that scrubs your bowel clean — while its healing ingredients control inflammation, pathogenic bacteria and abnormal cell growth.

Colon Ultra Cleanse is safe, gentle and designed for long-term use. It’s a deep colon cleanse that keeps your bowel clean and healthy for life.

The finest-quality ingredients and best manufacturing practices from a company you can trust!

Colon Ultra Cleanse is scientifically-formulated by our experienced nutritional researchers at Green Valley Natural Solutions -- and we have one of the finest reputations in the industry.

As with all our nutritional products, the ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse are organically-grown and standardized for strength and purity. This assures you that each and every capsule is free from contamination and will deliver consistent results.

We produce Colon Ultra Cleanse in a sterile, modern facility which is regularly inspected and has been awarded the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Seal. This is your assurance that each and every step of the process — including manufacturing, machine cleaning and ingredient testing — is constantly monitored for quality and purity.

Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed!

You can trust Green Valley Natural Solutions because we stand behind all of our fine products. So, if you’re ever dissatisfied with Colon Ultra Cleanse for any reason whatsoever during your 30-Day Risk-Free Trial, just let us know and you won’t be charged for it.

You only pay for Colon Ultra Cleanse after it works for you.That’s right. I invite you to try Colon Ultra Cleanse at my risk. Just pay a small charge for shipping & handling now — and then put it to their 30-Day Risk-Free Trial test.
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