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Cardiovascular System Repair Stem Cells Boosted Naturally
New, younger heart cells can now be GROWN

Focus and Memory Stem Cells Can Be Boosted within HOURS

Cartilage Repair Cells Boosted within MINUTES
Scientists counted EIGHT times more healthy cartilage cells in 21 days

Kidney Repair Stem Cells Grown in Just Weeks


Dear Friend,

The stem cells of a woman who was 114 years old were reset to age ZERO...

And that’s just the BEGINNING...

The state of the art in stem cell science has profound implications for society and YOU. Recent studies show...

It’s a great time to be alive.

After decades of study costing over $6 billion, the almost-impossible healing power of stem cells is now available to the general public.

What does that mean?

In a recent feature published in the Daily Mail (Nov. 11, 2019), people who had just about given up hope saw their lives profoundly improved thanks to stem-cell breakthroughs...

Dave R., a tour bus driver for a rock band, had a heart attack at age 46 and his doctors warned that he would not survive until Christmas.

Then, his doctors GREW healthy new heart cells (using his own bone-marrow cells) and reinfused them into his heart.

The result? The stem cells helped the heart repair itself.

And then Dave went on an 800-mile bike ride to help raise money for others to have the same treatment.

Andrew R., age 46, was suffering from arthritis in his knees.

“Who expects to be told they need a knee replacement in their mid-40s? I’ve played sports since my teens...”

His doctor was reluctant to recommend a knee replacement for someone so young, especially since the surgery often needs to be repeated.

Instead, he prescribed a new stem cell procedure that would help repair and restore Andrew’s knee cartilage.

“The procedure wasn’t as painful as a knee replacement,” Andrew says. “And, unlike a knee replacement, could be a permanent solution.”

The results?

Andrew is active and happy. "I walk and cycle as normal and am back at the gym!”

No wonder Time Magazine is asking, “What if it’s possible to put the brakes on aging by simply removing aging cells, like plucking out gray hairs? That’s what the (team) is pursuing at the Mayo Clinic."

Results like these are causing a virtual stampede toward expensive clinical stem cell treatments. . .

A legendary NFL quarterback went from “washed up” at age 36 to a record-setting MVP season at age 37...thanks to stem cells.

The sports writers said he was finished. A devastating hit on the football field damaged his neck, and made it almost impossible to throw a football. His right arm withered. But he refused to give up.

Instead, he opted for an expensive stem-cell therapy that helped regenerate the cells in his damaged neck and arm.

Here’s how they do stem cell therapy in these costly clinics: They draw stem cells from the patient’s abdomen, culture large numbers of them in the lab, and then re-inject them into the patient’s abdomen with a big needle.

When these fresh, vigorous stem cells are injected, they travel to the injured areas of the body and begin replacing the damaged cells (and damaged tissues) with brand-new cells.

And – voila! – the patient grows new, healthy bone or tissue to replace aging or damaged body parts.

What’s really amazing is that stem cells are like chameleons. They change according to what your body needs. If your heart cells are damaged...they become NEW heart cells. If your joint cartilage is damaged, they become NEW cartilage cells. It’s a whole new level of healing.

Less famous people are getting in on the action, too, provided they have deep pockets, or they’re able to get in on a trial study (in a minute I’ll explain how that’s finally changing)...

Deepan S. suffered from Crohn’s disease since childhood. The symptoms were absolutely relentless. So his doctors recommended a stem-cell therapy that helped repair and restore his immune system.

The results? Blessed relief, and he was OFF medications for the first time since he was 10 years old.

Then there’s this...

In a recent feature article that appeared in Newsweek, the results were even more remarkable.

The scientists were studying the astonishing longevity and vitality of so-called super-centenarians, people who live beyond age 110.

Only a very small number of centenarians actually live past 110. It’s been estimated that there are only about 56 supercentenarians in the world today.

What’s their secret?

What could possibly keep these people so vibrantly young and healthy for 30, 40, even 50 years longer than the average person?

In a landmark experiment, the research team actually extracted healthy cells from the 114-year-old I mentioned earlier and then reprogrammed them to become stem cells.

Then they took a close look inside those new stem cells and discovered something once considered impossible.

The biological age of the cells had been reset...


Even more amazing, the healthy new stem cells were almost indistinguishable from the cells from the young people in the study who were 70 years younger.

How did the scientists know? By measuring the length of the telomeres or “caps” at the end of the chromosomes. Telomeres are often called the “burning candle of life.” As you age, they grow shorter. And when your telomeres are gone, so are you.

So you can imagine the monumental importance of this discovery.

Thanks to stem cells, we are finally on the brink of resetting the aging clock itself.

But what exactly are stem cells? How do they work? And above all, how can you get in on the action?

Stem Cell Science 101:
The SUPER-repairmen that patrol your body 24/7.

A stem cell is basically a blank-slate cell with the remarkable ability to transform into specialized cells in your body.

As your specialized cells are damaged or declining, stem cells step in. For instance...

If your heart muscle is damaged, a stem cell can morph into healthy new heart cells.

If your knee cartilage is damaged, stem cells can transform into fresh new cartilage.

And it’s the same with every cell, in every corner of your body. Stem cells are truly universal repairmen that patrol every corner of your body. When a problem arrives, they have the parts you need, and the skills to fix it.

Miraculous is a word we hesitate to use these days, but there’s just no other word to describe this process.

It is a miracle.

But it gets even more amazing, as you’ll see...

Stem Cells & The Aging Reset:
The 3 Most Powerful Anti-Aging Stem Cells

Meet the Three Musketeers of the Stem Cell World

Even in the stem cell world there are specialists with unique skills and abilities.

Think of them as the Three Musketeers. When you’re in real trouble, these are the cells that can come to your rescue.

Let’s look at them now...

Musketeer #1:
Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSCs.

Think of mesenchymal stem cells as the builders inside your body.

They come from your bone marrow and scientists call them multipotent because they’re so versatile.

They can self-renew and build almost any new cells you need.

Basically, that means they help maintain and repair the entire structure of your body.

That includes...

In fact, MSCs are often called repair stem cells.

They’re positively critical for healthy aging. And they help control the inflammatory response in your system—which is essential for long-term health and vitality.

In a moment, I’ll show you how a nutritional secret can help you boost your own MSCs naturally without drugs or doctor visits.

MSCs are also vital for healthy immunity...
and we ALL know how important that is these days.

In a study published in the International Journal of Bioscience, the researchers explained that your MSCs are your body’s “immune-gatekeeper” cells1.

What’s more amazing is that your MSCs not only help mobilize your body’s immune system against threats, they also help suppress the prolonged inflammation that sometimes happens after the threat is neutralized.

It gets even better: Mesenchymal stem cells can actually MORPH into youthful, newborn brain cells,i.e. neurons.

Mesenchymal stem cells can grow new brain cells, help repair blood vessels in the cerebrum, and SPEED up impulses traveling across neurons. And it’s now possible to boost your supply in a matter of HOURS...

Remember how you learned in school that cells reproduce by dividing in two?

Not so for neurons.

Neurons are one of the few cell types in the body that can NOT regenerate themselves. Once a neuron is damaged, it’s done.

As you grow older...that’s a serious concern for your mental sharpness, memory, and focus.

MSCs may contain the answer.

In a stunning research paper published in the medical journal PLOS, scientists reported that...

“Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can trans/differentiate to neural precursors and/or mature neurons and promote neuroprotection and neurogenesis...”

That means it is possible to actually grow new brain cells—something that was once thought impossible.

MSCs also help refresh your body’s supply
of healthy, young cells

Every day our body is replacing old and worn-out cells with brand-new ones.

And it happens much faster than you ever dreamed possible.

By age 65, your “youthful” stem cells are down 90%. THE RESULT is that you don’t heal as fast, or as well. Fortunately, we now know how to increase your stem cell supply as you grow older.

Your whole body works like this.

(More about this later in this report.)

There’s only one problem. As you age, those replacement cells are not quite as good as the originals when you were younger.

It’s like making a photocopy...of a photocopy...of a photocopy. Each time the image degrades a tiny bit. And it’s never quite as good as the original.

MSCs can help there too. According to research, MSCs help regulate a process called apoptosis or cellular death.

Basically, they help guarantee that all the cells that are dying are immediately replaced with brand-new ones.

It’s a delicate, but profoundly important process for your longevity and vitality.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells also help
increase the SPEED at which your
impulses and thoughts travel across neurons

They do this by stabilizing and enhancing the myelin sheath or insulating layer that surrounds your axons—the highway that carries nerve impulses from one neuron to the next.

But MSCs are not done yet.

MSCs help repair and replace damaged
blood vessels in the cerebrum of the brain

This discovery was published in the World Journal of Stem Cells2, and it’s astonishing when you consider how import your cerebrum is.

It is, quite literally, the control center for movement, touch, vision, hearing, judgment, reasoning, problem solving, emotions, learning and more.

Later in this report, you will see how new research has identified specific nutrients that actually boost your mesenchymal stem cell count nearly 21% in just two hours.

That brings us to...

Musketeer #2:
Endothelial Stem Cells or ESCs.

If you could take a fantastic voyage inside your blood vessels, it would be a life-changing sight. The blood vessel walls would be shiny and smooth as satin. They’d stretch as far as your eyes could see...and then far beyond that.

You’d be mesmerized as roaming bands of endothelial stem cells or ESCs are busy 24/7 detecting problems, replacing cells, repairing blood vessels and reducing the pressure and strain on your heart and your brain.

That’s why cardiologists know that a healthy heart means a healthy supply of ESCs.

Your endothelium is only one cell thick, but it’s everywhere in your body. The surface area is equivalent to eight tennis courts. And it’s absolutely critical for your blood pressure and blood flow.

Your endothelium produces healthy nitric oxide that signals your blood vessels to expand or open wide so blood flows smoothly with less pressure.

And better blood flow means a healthier heart, brain, and organs. Plus better sexual potency for men.

So it just makes sense that you’d have a special set of stem cells that focus on keeping your endothelium healthy.

Research has shown that endothelial stem cells or ESCs support your entire vascular system.

“New Stem Cell Treatment Had ‘Striking’ Anti-Aging Results...the research team found the improvements to be ‘remarkable.’”

— Futurism Magazine

That includes your heart, your arteries, your blood vessels, and your capillaries. They also support healthy sexual function for men and healthy lung function for better breathing.

Think of your ESCs as the plumbers that keep your pipes working the way nature intended. And the more plumbers you have in your system, the healthier your pipes. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to maintain a healthy supply.

We now know that it IS possible to build your stem cell supplies. Later in this report I’ll show you how to replenish your stem cell supplies with nutritional support.

But there’s more...

Musketeer #3:
The Mysterious CD34+

When you consider that we’ve spent $6 billion on stem cell research so far, it’s surprising to think there’s one stem cell that remains a mystery...well sort of.

CD34+ stem cells are born in your bone marrow. And they appear to be uniquely beneficial to your brain.

In a study3 published in the Texas Heart Institute Journal, researchers discovered that CD34+ helps promote the formation of healthy blood vessels in the brain. Plus, a 2016 observational study4 revealed that...

...higher levels of CD34+ were associated with better memory and sharper thinking.

Conversely, a 2018 study revealed that subjects with lower levels of CD34+ stem cells showed far greater declines in memory and cognition.5

Bottom line? Stem cells keep your body YOUNG!

But as we age, our supply of healthy, youthful stem cells dwindles to a precious few.

By age 40, the number of youthful stem cells is cut in half.

By age 65, the number of youthful stem cells plummets 90%.

And those cells that do remain are tired, weak and old.

So it takes longer to heal a cut...get over a cold...or recover from a round of golf.

But suppose it’s possible to infuse a human body from head to toe with hordes of fresh, young, stem cells? The results are visibly and physically stunning.

In a study published in the Journals of Gerontology 6, the researchers observed that boosting stem cell numbers helped trigger:

“Remarkable improvements” in virtually all the biomarkers for aging.

“The stem cells are SO smart, all you have to do is turn them loose. They float around to different areas of the body and fix them...”

Men's Journal

For the super-rich, elite athletes, and fortunate few who can afford $100,000 stem-cell therapies, the benefits are amazing.

In the previous pages, you’ve witnessed the benefits of the amazing breakthroughs in clinical stem-cell therapy.

Of course, there’s no do-it-yourself way to duplicate these clinical stem-cell therapies that were conducted in a doctor-supervised environment. You simply can’t do it at home.

But there are nutritional steps you can take to preserve and boost your stem cell numbers. The cost is only pennies a day. And the research is highly promising. For example:

Thanks to nutritional support...

 And here’s all you need to do…


On a balmy day, the temperature is about 21° below zero...

Welcome to the Himalayas, the roof of the world.
It’s the perfect home to what may be the greatest nutritional stem-cell booster on the planet.

Based on a HUMAN clinical study, just ONE dose and 120 minutes later...

Mesenchymal stem cells increased 20.8%.

Endothelial stem cells increased 33.4%

And CD34+ stem cells increased 24%.

In other words,

. . .according to a human study7 published in the medical journal Clinical Interventions in Aging…

. . .you can increase all three types of stem cell – your “Three Musketeers” – with the help of a safe, simple food.

Scientists have long known that the harshest climates on earth grow the most powerful healing plants and herbs. This recently identified stem-cell-booster may be the most potent of all.

It’s the happy result of a quest as historic as The Holy Grail itself.

Now that we know how stem cells help regulate how long, how happy and how young you live, scientists have been seeking a natural way to boost the number of stem cells in our bodies.

And one of the first places they looked is actually the last place you’d ever want to go hunting for herbs and medicines:

The Himalayan Plateau.

The daytime temperature hovers around minus 21 degrees. “Sweater weather” is about minus 30 degrees. And winter is...don’t even ask.

That makes it the perfect climate for Sea Buckthorn Berry...or seaberry for short.

What this golden orange berry can do for you is positively life-changing. Just look...

A gold-standard, preliminary human study, published in the medical journal Clinical Interventions in Aging, revealed that a single dose of a highly advanced seaberry extract called CyanthOX-30™...

It’s a simple fact.

CyanthOX-30™ seaberry extracts are like pure magic for your stem cells.

Our berries are harvested at the peak of ripeness and gently dried without harsh chemicals.

Next they are refined and concentrated to preserve and enhance the therapeutic value.

As a result...

It is our firm belief that CyanthOX-30™ may be the greatest natural stem-cell booster known to science today.

But there’s more...

CyanthOX-30™ is a treasure trove of healthy bioactive nutrients like polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and bioflavonoids like quercetin.

That means its antioxidant power is OFF-the-charts amazing.

The CyanthOX-30™ seaberry in Stem Cell Restore has 373 TIMES more antioxidant power than blueberries.

And the most widely accepted way to measure that is the ORAC chart. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and was developed by the National Institutes of Health. Basically, it measures the antioxidant power of foods.

Higher ORAC values mean higher potential for enhancing health and longevity.

Here are some examples...

According to USDA.gov...

What about CyanthOX-30™ seaberry extracts? What’s the score?

Are you sitting down?

CyanthOX-30™ scored an unprecedented ORAC score of 895,281 units per 100 grams. That’s right. 895,281 or...

That’s why we made them the star ingredient in Stem Cell Restore. It’s also why...

You’re invited to see for yourself when you try Stem Cell Restore with our limited-time, no-risk offer.

And if you don’t feel and look younger...if everyone doesn’t swear you’ve made a deal with the Devil...

It’s FREE.

Just ask James – He Tried It!

James M. from Cottonwood, Arizona, is thrilled he decided to try Stem Cell Restore. He didn’t risk a single penny, so why not? What happened next?
Here’s what he told us. . .

“I’m 75 years old and I’m an organic farmer.

“I work long hours in the field doing a lot of physical work. I notice I have more stamina. My energy is really solid.

“I don’t need to take a nap. On a long drive, I didn’t feel tired like I usually do. I had plenty of energy and I didn’t get drowsy and start nodding off. Plus, I notice I’m not withdrawing as much into my computer. I’m participating in life more. I’m more present.

“My life isn’t over yet and after taking Stem Cell Restore I feel like showing up for it. I’m going to keep taking it!”

Jim’s great results are no surprise. 60 published studies have demonstrated that Stem Cell Restore’s breakthrough ingredient boosts the number of MSC (repair) stem cells up to 400%.

CyanthOX-30™, the breakthrough seaberry extract in Stem Cell Restore, is proven in a gold-standard, human study to help you replenish your natural supply of stem cells in as little as two hours.

That’s exactly what you need to stay young and healthy just the way nature intended.

THIS is what happens when
your body repairs itself naturally...

Stem Cell Restore’s breakthrough formula helps boost your stem cell production naturally.

Stem Cell Restore is NOT just another “vitamin” to help you feel better. It’s a landmark discovery in what doctors are now calling REGENERATIVE healing.

And it may be the most exciting new field of medicine in a century.

According to the director of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, “Regenerative medicine is not trying to create the bionic man but to harness the healing powers of the human body and buttress them...”

In other words, your body regenerates and replaces old or damaged cells, naturally.

That’s what we were aiming for when we created Stem Cell Restore.

Finally, the public has a natural, inexpensive way to support and replenish stem cell numbers.

No needles like the ones medical doctors use to inject live stem cells into wealthy patients who can afford clinical stem cell therapy.

No $100,000 bills from European or Latin American stem cell clinics.

Just higher stem cell levels thanks to new discoveries in nutrition.

Best of all, our breakthrough ingredients have been reviewed and shown effective in over 60 published studies.

More research is needed of course, but one thing’s for sure...

In a world where doctors play “God” isn’t it better to help the human body repair itself?

And when it comes to feeling younger, isn’t it better to replace your tired, old cells with fresh, young ones? So...

You’d be making plans to do all the things you LOVE to do. Like a walk on the beach...a round of golf with your friends, or simply preserving your precious independence and mobility.

Considering that you are completely protected by a full, unconditional refund guarantee – you pay nothing if Stem Cell Restore does not work for you. . . and your word is good enough for us. . .

Isn’t it worth giving it a try, just to see if YOU feel the profound improvement like this?

Of course it is.

Instead of feeling like a rickety 70-year-old... you’ll feel like you’re forty again.

And now here’s some additional big news. . .

Our new seaberry extract is just ONE of the ingredients we put in Stem Cell Restore to make it the most powerful youth formula we could.

So it’s time we looked at the other stem-cell-boosting ingredients in Stem Cell Restore and see how they can help you feel...

Stem Cell Restore Breakthrough #2:

Nature’s Stem Cell Booster Supported
By Over 60 Scientific Studies


Here at Green Valley Natural Solutions, we have seldom been more excited about an anti-aging breakthrough than we are right now. What is it?

It’s an herbal extract called icariin (pronounced I-cari-in) that supports, renews, and replenishes the supply of repair stem cells. It’s also known as Bishop’s Hat for the shape of its delicate flowers.

In preliminary lab studies, icariin boosted healthy stem cell counts up to 230 percent in as little as 10 days.8

That’s right—10 DAYS. That’s a life-transforming number, for sure. But there’s so much more.

To date, there have been dozens of stem-cell lab culture studies demonstrating how icariin helps support, replenish, and repair stem cells from the...

As stem-cell science continues to advance, one fact is becoming clear. It’s absolutely essential that you maintain a healthy supply of stem cells as you age. And the icariin in Stem Cell Restore can help.

Boosts Joints & Cartilage:

The icariin in Stem Cell Restore helped multiply cartilage cells by an incredible EIGHT times in 21 days.

The in vitro study8 was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal and the scientists observed a stunning improvement in the number of healthy cartilage cells.

The scientists literally watched as icariin multiplied the number of bone cells. Even better, the new cells were younger and stronger. . .

. . . and it happened fast.

These are actual photos of the bone cells multiplying, published in the medical journal Molecules:

Within 4 to 8 hours, the scientists saw the number of cells begin to soar.

By day five, the increase in the number of healthy new bone cells was obvious the moment they peered into the microscope.

After 21 days, there were eight times more cartilage cells in the samples that were exposed to icariin.

After close examination, the researchers also learned that the new cells were highly mineralized. That means they were strong and healthy.

Just THINK what the results of studies like this could mean for you.

For HEART Health:
Icariin helped create healthy young heart cells

In a 2010 study9 published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, scientists wanted to see if stem cells extracted from fat cells could help grow healthy new heart cells when exposed to icariin. And that’s exactly what happened.

Results like these hold the potential to transform modern medicine as we know it.

Icariin helped generate new
cells in just 8 weeks

The in vivo study was placebo-controlled and published in the prestigious Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine from BioMed Central in the UK.10

The researchers believe that icariin has the unique ability to activate the genetic pathways that result in more healthy stem cells in the kidneys.

This kind of exciting, early-stage research is now offering hope to millions.

For Tendons & Shoulders:
Icariin Helped Healing and Strength Post Surgery

In an in vivo study published in the International Journal of Molecular Science, icariin demonstrated the ability to help heal shoulders and tendons following surgery.11

Not only did the folks in the icariin group heal faster, the bone-tendon bond and mechanical strength was significantly better. It was almost as if the joints had become younger.

Bone loss was HALTED in post-menopausal women

This study followed a group of healthy post-menopausal women for 24 months. One group took icariin daily. The other group took a placebo. Bone density was measured at 12 months, then again 24 months later.

The results? After 12 and 24 months, the placebo group experienced significant bone loss. The icariin group experienced ZERO bone loss at both 12 and 24 months.

It was as if time had stood still for them.12

As the Miami Herald put it, “Stem cell therapy: No longer just for high-paid athletes...is becoming more mainstream.”

The scientific evidence for the profound healing power of stem cells is growing faster every day! What are you waiting for?

Linda K. didn’t wait, and she’s glad she didn’t! She was one of the first people to try this remarkable supplement…

“Within a week... after taking Stem Cell Restore... I do more and LOVE it. I bicycle and kayak more; enjoy my part-time job...and enjoy seeing my friends!”

— Linda K., AZ

And Shea D. told us,

““I realized that I wasn’t procrastinating so much...(if I need to) weed whack the yard...I just go and do it!”

—Shea D., Jerome, AZ

Based on research at HARVARD, Stanford, Georgetown, THE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH & MORE...

Imagine a Brand-New YOU in Just 48 Hours

It’s NEVER too late to restore your cells
to youthful vigor, one cell at a time

Did you know that many cells in your body are replaced in as little as 48 hours?

But as you grow older, the replacement cells are tired, worn out, and weak.

The mission of stem cells in your body is to replace those worn-out cells with healthy, young cells from head to toe. That includes your heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, brain, you name it. They all grow younger together.

What this really means is that your “biological age” – what I call your real age – has ZERO to do with your birthday.

Every cell in every organ in your body is completely replaced periodically. If those replacement cells are old, tired, or weak...you grow older, more tired and weaker.

However, when those new cells are younger, stronger, and healthier, YOU are younger, stronger, and healthier.

Your colon, for example, is completely new every 2-3 days. So doesn’t it make sense to replace those old cells with stronger, healthier, young ones? Of course it does.

Just look how fast your body renews itself.

What does this all mean to you?

It means that every morning is a brand-new opportunity to refresh and renew your body from the inside out.

And all you have to do is take two easy-to-swallow capsules of Stem Cell Restore in the morning and you’re on your way.

Stem Cell Restore Breakthrough #3:

Increases Adult Repair Stem Cells by 200%

“How old can we get? It might be written in stem cells.
No clock, no crystal ball, but lots of excitement
— and ambition — among Harvard scientists..."

— Harvard Gazette

Everyone knows that resveratrol is good for your heart. But what’s really got experts excited is this:

A landmark in vivo study shows that resveratrol increases adult repair or mesenchymal stem cells by over 200%.

What’s more, these cells have the ability to turn into blood cells, endothelial cells, liver and heart cells, smooth muscle cells, even bone cells, so they go to work where you need them most.13

But believe it or not, there’s even more good news on this anti-aging powerhouse. In double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, resveratrol has also been proven to…

 I told you we did everything we could to make Stem Cell Restore the most potent anti-aging formula you can buy over the counter.

I wasn’t kidding.

And there’s still MUCH more in this breakthrough formula. Keep reading and you’ll see even more remarkable, cutting-edge science.

Then, we’ll invite you to try Stem Cell Restore without risking a single penny.


Stem Cell Restore Breakthroughs #4 and #5:

The Black Currant Cocktail
That Keeps Your Bones Stronger, Much Longer

Right this minute your bones are fighting for their lives. Why?

“Breakthrough Stem Cell Study
Offers New Clues to Reversing Aging.”

—Singularity Hub

As you age, the stem cells you need to keep your bones supple and strong get weaker.

They start slowing down just when you need them to produce the most.

So how do you get those tired old stem cells to start producing again?

That’s where Stem Cell Restore comes in. You see, a study showed that combining blueberries with vitamin D3 helped rejuvenate aging bone and bone marrow cells like crazy.17

So we took that data one step further and used black currants, a berry that’s even more nutrient-rich than blueberries.

If you’ve never heard of black currants, it’s high time you did.

Black currants have 8 times the concentration of healthy anthocyanins than cultivated blueberries.

Plus, they’re packed with 37 times more vitamin C.

Separately, D3 and black currant are two natural bone-builders. But together in Stem Cell Restore, they’re just the anti-aging cocktail your bone stem cells need to be fruitful and multiply.

Stem Cell Restore Breakthrough #6:

The Lost Miracle in a $350,000 Bottle of Wine

 It’s called grape seed, and cutting-edge research has demonstrated that it...

But that’s only the beginning...

At a 2017 auction, one single bottle of red wine was auctioned off for $350,000. Now why would anyone pay that much for a bottle of wine when the real superstars of those Cabernet Sauvignon grapes—the grape seeds— were thrown away in processing?

It’s like throwing away diamonds and keeping the box.

You see, grape seeds contain a powerful type of antioxidant called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

OPCs increase bone marrow stem cell production by 35%.

They have 50 TIMES more antioxidant power than vitamin E.

20 TIMES more than vitamin C.

And this grape seed extract is also fantastic for blood pressure and capillary health.

Grape seed ALSO protects against brain inflammation.19

How can you be sure you’re getting the right amount of OPCs in your daily diet?

It’s simple. Just take two capsules of Stem Cell Restore in the morning. It’s the essence of anti-aging simplicity.

Each capsule contains a concentrated, standardized grape seed extract with a clinical dose of those OPCs that make this nutrient so powerful.

Our simple promise to you:

Stem Cell Restore Will Help You
Feel Younger and Energized or it’s FREE

No other age-reversing formula today delivers ALL of the top SIX stem-cell-supporting nutrients...

It takes all of 20 seconds each morning to pour a glass of water and take two tiny capsules that deliver...

1: CyanthOX-30™ seaberry extracts that are 100X stronger than ordinary extracts, and proven to boost stem cell counts up to 33% in just two hours!

2: A research-level dosage of icariin: It’s the herbal extract that’s proven to boost MSC repair stem cell numbers up to FIVE times over.

In published, peer-reviewed studies it worked in cells from every corner of the body including the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, cartilage, tendons, bones, teeth, and more.

3: Resveratrol: We already knew it’s proven to help lower cholesterol by as much as 20%, reduce inflammation, support your artery health, and lower blood sugar. But recent research has revealed it can triple your healthy stem cell numbers. That makes it the perfect companion to icariin.

4 and 5: The Black currant and Vitamin D3 “anti-aging cocktail”. Black currants alone have 8 times the healthy anthocyanins found in blueberries, and 37 times more vitamin C. When you combine vitamin D3 and anthocyanins, one study has shown they boost stem cell counts in bone marrow. That’s the “factory” that pumps out healthy young stem cells for your whole body.

6: Grape Seed Extract: Studies have shown it boosts bone-marrow stem-cell production by 35%. It’s 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. It helps lower blood pressure up to 12 points. Plus it heals and protects your arteries and brain.

Now can you see why we believe Stem Cell Restore is the world’s most complete, youth-prolonging formula?

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How Much Stem Cell Restore Do You Need to Take?

That’s simple…

Just take 2 capsules each day, for at least 30 days.

The reason it’s important that you take Stem Cell Restore for at least 30 days is very straightforward…

While the 6 Stem Cell-Activating ingredients inside go to work pretty much immediately…

What all of those clinical studies have shown us…

Is that the longer you take each of the ingredients inside Stem Cell Restore…

The more your body can benefit.

For example…

As you saw in one study…

Taking Icariin, #2 ingredient inside Stem Cell Restore, increased bone marrow stem cells by a staggering 230%...

But you also saw that in another major study…

Taking Icariin for a full 12 months was shown to increase the lifespan and healthspan of mammals.

I think all of us would like to live a longer, healthier, more energized life for years to come…

So It Just Makes Sense to Keep Taking Stem Cell Restore Day After Day and Month After Month…

Especially since the most Stem Cell Restore costs is a few pennies per day (more on that in a second).

That way you can absolutely guarantee you’ve done everything you can to support your body’s most vital organs and tissues…

Across the U.S., people are calling the stem cell breakthrough a “Gift From God”…
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Using Stem Cell Restore Really Can Feel Like You’ve Just Hit the Rewind Button on Your Life…

Something that lets you travel back in time, to make up for lost opportunities, to get a second chance…

Every day you take your 2 capsules of Stem Cell Restore…

It’s another day of living life without regret…

Because you’ve taken a huge, important step to make sure you have both the physical and mental energy needed to get out there and be the strongest, healthiest, and happiest version of yourself.

And when you consider that Stem Cell Restore really can do all of this for you…

You can probably understand why my Board of Directors was adamant that I set the price of this breakthrough at $249 per bottle

Which honestly, I think is extremely fair…

Especially considering that the Rich pay up to $100,000 for one course of Stem Cell Therapy Treatments.

And yet, while I know that we could charge $249 for a bottle of Stem Cell Restore and I’d still sleep soundly at night…

I want this anti-aging breakthrough to be available to as many people as possible. . .

Including you. . .

So you don’t have to go through the painful breakdown of body and mind that used to be inevitable as we get older. . .

But no longer is. . .thanks to the advances being made every day in stem cell science. . .

Which is why if you decide to take action right now…

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Anti-aging discoveries such as the ones we’ve recently reported on:

These little-reported breakthroughs in the science of aging and longevity can easily add years to not only your lifespan, but your health span.


Because so many of the studies show that the longer you take the ingredients inside Stem Cell Restore…

The more you could benefit from them…

And because so many people have been ordering multiple bottles of Stem Cell Restore at a time…

To make sure they can share them with their family and friends as well…

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But if for any reason I’m wrong…

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Simply call or email my U.S. based, Award Winning Customer Service Team…and we’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

That’s every single penny back to you (less shipping)…

We do ask that you return the empty or unused bottles. But that doesn’t hold up your refund. You receive it right away.

And the only reason I’m able to offer such a bold guarantee...

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And I look forward to hearing about your success using Stem Cell Restore.


God Bless,

Lee Euler, President
Green Valley Natural Solutions


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