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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the ingredients in GVNS Stem Cell Restore?


Q: What kind of results can I expect from Stem Cell Restore?

A: First, you’ll feel a lot better overall.  More energy, fewer aches and pains, deeper sleep, clearer thoughts, less inflammation. You’ll also look better too.  A brighter, healthier looking face and skin. As the ingredients in Stem Cell Restore go to work within your cells, over time you’ll notice further improvements in your health and vitality. Skin, bones, cartilage, all rejuvenated with an influx of healthy new, natural stem cells that replace your body’s tired, worn out, cells.

Q: How often do I have to take Stem Cell Restore?

A: A: Stem Cell Restore is a capsule about the size of your average multi-vitamin, and it includes a clinical dose of each active ingredient. You’ll get the full benefits of Stem Cell Restore with just one capsule per day.

Be wary of anyone trying to sell you all-in-one “kitchen sink” formulas that contain lots of filler, and too little of any one nutrient to have any effect. The ingredients of Stem Cell Restore are carefully researched and formulated to get the maximum benefit from a single capsule.

Q: Which package of Stem Cell Restore should I get?

A: This offer is available for a limited time and quantity. Due to our rigorous testing and quality standards, we have a twelve-week lead time on any new inventory – and we must hold back a large percentage of our inventory for our VIP autoship customers. Therefore, we recommend you purchase the 6 month supply of Stem Cell Restore today. This package also affords you the maximum savings on each bottle of Stem Cell Restore, as well as other free benefits and gifts. However, we cannot guarantee this offer will still be available if you return to this page at a later time.

Q: Is Stem Cell Restore made in the USA?

A: Yes, our products are manufactured at NSF or cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities here in the US and shipped from our temperature-controlled logistics warehouse here in Virginia.

Q: What kind of testing and quality control do you perform on Stem Cell Restore?

A:All Green Valley Natural Solutions products must be manufactured at an NSF or cGMP certified facility. We perform assay testing to ensure potency on raw materials, FTNIR spectrometer testing for identity, and screen for pathogens and contaminants. We require a Certificate of Analysis on all finished products displaying test results for potency, purity, and identity. Each bottle is safety sealed and marked with either a manufacturing date and/or expiration date.

Q: Is Stem Cell Restore non-GMO, organic, kosher, vegan, etc?

A: Our products contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, and we source non-GMO ingredients wherever possible. Moreover, all products are manufactured in facilities that have one or more of the following certification designations: NSF, cGMP, Certified Organic, Kosher, Halal.

Q: What if Stem Cell Restore doesn’t work for me?

A: While the ingredients in Stem Cell Restore are backed by over 60 scientific studies, if there’s any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, just let us know within 90 days, and we will issue a prompt refund. You will always be protected by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Testimonials:

January 9 -

Stem Cell Restore is AWESOME!! At 72 years of age, I’ve never felt better. My energy is higher and I’m getting so much more accomplished, it’s terrific! My joints don’t give me near the pains I experienced before. I look forward to discovering even more changes on the “young” side!

January 8 -

I can’t describe how much it helped me, in many ways. I wake in the morning with a healthy outlook on life, no nagging pain in my back, a smile on my face just to think about the things I can accomplish today without any problem. Some of my friends noted I even look better lately.

December 19 -

I have tried many anti-aging products, but this is the first to really deliver amazing benefits right off the bat. I am more energetic – this is huge because I used to be tired all the time. This product has given me back a happy, healthy life… So grateful!

December 16 -

After taking Stem Cell Restore for 2 months, I just felt better about being alive.