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Are you Ready to Lower Your Blood Sugar - Without Going to Extremes?

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Dear Reader Concerned About Your Blood Sugar,

Is your blood sugar level creeping into the “danger zone” right now? Could you use some FAST “first aid” to bring your numbers DOWN…

This Is Your Invitation to TRY
the Perfect Solution…

without going to any of these extremes; 

and without deciding to buy anything until you’ve experienced the dramatic reductions in your blood sugar WITH YOUR OWN EYES!

Hello!  My name is
Dr. Arlan Cage, N.D.

As a board-certified heart specialist, I’ve seen the nasty consequences caused by having too much sugar circulating in your bloodstream.

High blood sugar levels actually speed up the aging of every organ in your body, making each one of them “old before their time”.

Result? These vital organs begin to FAIL in the prime of your life, bringing pain and misery because…

You can’t see well. Can’t walk without pain. Can’t feel sensations in your feet or fingers. Can’t think or remember clearly. You can't do nearly anything without relying on your spouse or family members for even your most basic needs.

Chances are you’ve witnessed friends or family members suffering from these very same problems, so you know what I’m talking about.

So – if this ISN’T how you want to spend the remaining years of your life, please read the rest of this message to learn about…

A Simple, Affordable, Natural Way  to Help Keep Your Blood Sugar  OUT of the Danger Zone!

If you’re like most people today, high blood sugar ISN’T ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.
That’s because so many food products and beverages contain hidden sugars – even so-called “health foods”, such as…

Low-fat yogurt … whole-grain bread and baked goods … granola … energy bars – as well as ketchup … pasta sauce … canned fruit … prepared soups … and salad dressings! 

All this sugar can be deadly – and a new study proves it:

A 20-year study shows that people with chronically-elevated blood sugar DIE MUCH EARLIER than people who keep their blood sugar in the “safe zone” – even if they don’t have diabetes! i

These people have a 3 TIMES GREATER RISK of dying prematurely over a 14-year period – and their lives are shortened by 10 or 20 years, on average.ii

And those final years are usually filled with countless doctor visits and hospital stays.

Wow -- that’s scary!

Sugar Is Everywhere These Days,
So You Need To Be On The Defensive!

When it comes to healthy blood sugar, you can never be TOO SAFE or TOO SURE.

That’s why people who want to feel “extra-safe” take Gluco-Secure to help their blood sugar levels remain stable – even when they can’t always diet and exercise the way they know they should.

They’ve found that Gluco-Secure helps counteract so much of the sugar in today’s modern diet – even the “secret sugars” that food manufacturers add as “extra”.

Blocking many of these sugars can be as easy as swallowing one Gluco-Secure capsule before your meals. Here’s how it works…

The natural ingredients in Gluco-Secure act just like your body’s own insulin to pull excess glucose out of your bloodstream and normalize your blood sugar levels.

And that’s a very good thing – because the less insulin your body has to produce, the longer its natural supply will last.

Just One Gluco-Secure Capsule at Mealtime...

And this is GREAT NEWS because it means that…

Finally, You Can Enjoy "Blood Sugar Security!"

Here’s what this means in practical, real-life terms... 

End those blood sugar "dips." With Gluco-Secure, your blood sugar evens out and remains stable until your next meal.

Strong, steady energy levels. Blood sugar will remain even, so you can accomplish more during your work day – and exercise longer with ease.

No more energy “crashes”. You won’t suffer from the usual midmorning and mid–day "crashes" caused by blood sugar dips.

Goodbye to pesky carb cravings. You’ll be much less likely to reach for sweet caffeine drinks and sugary snacks to perk you up.

Mental and emotional stability. You’ll also lose those uncomfortable feelings of irritability ... "brain fog" ... jitteriness ... “the blues” … and difficulty with concentrating – all typical symptoms of fluctuating blood sugar.

Lose weight, too. And because high blood sugar levels trigger insulin (your body’s “fat storage hormone”), Gluco-Secure makes it EASIER to control your weight!

Gluco-Secure Is the Simple,
Solution to a Widespread
“Lifestyle Problem”

As an ND with a special interest in using NATURAL solutions whenever possible, I like the results people get from Gluco-Secure.

Even better, I like its effective, ALL-NATURAL ingredients.

It may surprise you to learn that certain plant compounds and minerals possess the ability to lower your blood sugar in exactly the same way your body’s insulin does.

These amazing natural compounds open up the receptor sites on your cells and usher any excess glucose OUT of your bloodstream and INSIDE your cells where it is metabolized into energy.

This Is Crucial for Your
Good Health Because…

…if sugar remains in your bloodstream, it can trigger inflammation. This will damage blood vessels, organs, tissues, and cells (literally "burning" them in the process called glycation). 

This inflammation eventually leads to cardiovascular problems, vision loss, and limb amputations.

On the other hand, once blood sugar enters your cells and brain, you’re going to feel more energetic, productive, and mentally sharp! 

Gluco-Secure Contains
Mother Nature’s "Magnificent 7"
Natural Blood Sugar-Busters!

No other blood sugar supplement contains so many well-studied natural “sugar-busters" in one formulation.

One Gluco-Secure capsule at mealtime smoothes out your blood sugar and keeps it balanced until your next meal.

What makes Gluco-Secure work so well? 

The secret is the "magnificent 7 sugar-buster ingredients” we've put together. Let me introduce you to each of them – and explain how they work their wonders…

Blood Sugar-Buster #1

"The Mighty Mineral"  

Chromium is an important mineral that GREATLY IMPROVES your body’s ability to remove glucose from your bloodstream. 

In addition, chromium helps your body’s natural insulin metabolize (burn off) fat. It also aids in muscle-building – and helps convert blood sugar into energy.

One researcher put it this way: "If chromium were a medication, it would make headlines as a wonder drug."

But if you’ve eaten a lot of sugar and carbs in the past, chances are your body needs MORE chromium – because most people are deficient in it.

This is because eating lots of sugary foods depletes your chromium reserves.

So Does The Aging Process.
Just Look At This…

Researchers found that chromium levels decline by up to 40% as we age. So if you’re having trouble controlling your blood sugar, studies show that more chromium can really help.

But there are several forms of chromium – and only one of them works best. So which form should you be taking? 

The answer is chromium polynicotinate, because it is the most biologically active form of chromium, and therefore it is more absorbable by your body.

Numerous studies on human patients show that chromium supplements are able to reduce blood sugar levels significantly.ii, iii, iv 

The effective dose used in these human studies starts at 200 mcg taken daily. (This is the same amount in every capsule of Gluco-Secure.)  

But that’s just the beginning of the "sugar-busters" in each Gluco-Secure capsule. Keep reading to learn how Gluco-Secure can make you feel 7 TIMES MORE SECURE about your blood sugar numbers...

Blood Sugar-Buster #2

Vanadyl Sulfate:
Vital for Blood Sugar Security

There’s another trace mineral that’s especially important for healthy blood sugar levels.

Its Name Is Vanadium...

Most adults simply don’t get enough of it from today’s foods. That’s why I was happy to see that Gluco-Secure contains vanadium in its highly-absorbable form, vanadyl sulfate (VS).

VS acts just like your body’s insulin to remove excess glucose from your bloodstream and push it into your muscles and cells where it is converted into energy. And that’s important because...

Chronically High Blood Sugar
Levels  Will Make You Fat!

Left in your bloodstream, excess glucose turns into fats called triglycerides, which are then stored in your fat cells. This can lead to rapid weight gain and fatty tissue accumulation around your belly and hips.

Gluco-Secure helps fight this by assisting your body in converting blood sugar into energy – so you have more "get up and go.”

As a result, elevated blood sugar levels drop and your insulin levels also go down.
Studies published by the American Diabetes Association confirm that VS improves insulin sensitivity in people with elevated blood sugar.

And that’s not all.  Gluco-Secure also contains a number of plant-based compounds that have a remarkable effect on blood sugar, too. For instance... 

Blood Sugar-Buster #3

Your Blood Sugar’s Best Friend

The wonderful spice that gives apple pie its “zing” also has a beneficial effect on your blood sugar.

It’s true! Cinnamon’s active compound makes your cells more responsive to insulin – so that more glucose is removed from your bloodstream.

The active ingredient in cinnamon is a mouthful to pronounce: methylhydroxy chalcone polymer – so I just call it MHCP for short. But what it does for your blood sugar is simply amazing: 

Cinnamon IMPROVES Glucose Metabolism
by Up to 2,000% – That’s 20 Times Better!

Scientists have tested more than 50 plant extracts, but none comes anywhere near MHCP’s fantastic effect on balancing blood sugar – and increasing your energy. For example...

When Dr. Richard Anderson gave two groups of patients with blood sugar problems either a capsule containing cinnamon or a fake pill (called a placebo), the patients taking the cinnamon displayed...

Remarkable Reductions in Blood Sugar of
Up to 29%!

Wouldn’t you love to see your blood sugar GO DOWN by that much?

Cinnamon is good for your heart and arteries, too. A recent study found that cinnamon significantly helps total cholesterol and lowers bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Gluco-Secure contains Cinnulin PF™, a patented form of cinnamon that helps your body use its insulin supply more effectively, thus ensuring healthier glucose metabolism.

And here’s another all-natural "sugar-buster" ingredient you’ll find in Gluco-Secure...

Blood Sugar-Buster #4

Gymnema Sylvestre:
The "Sugar Destroyer"

This remarkable medicinal herb has been used for generations in India to help regulate blood sugar. It’s so effective that its name actually means "destroyer of sugar."

Unlike cinnamon, which helps pull sugar out of your bloodstream, Gymnema prevents glucose from getting into your bloodstream too quickly.

Together, They Pack  a Potent
One-Two Punch!

As your body digests sweets and refined carbohydrates, those sugars become small enough to cross through the walls of your intestines and enter your bloodstream quickly. As a result, your blood sugar shoots up.

But the "gymnemic acids" in Gymnema sylvestre actually slow down the travel of sugar into your bloodstream. Result?

Less Sugar for Your Insulin to Metabolize!

This means your blood sugar is better stabilized and controlled. And these findings are backed by vigorous clinical studies.

The Gymnema in Gluco-Secure also decreases the sensation of sweetness in many foods to help REDUCE YOUR CRAVINGS for sugar and sweets.  Without even trying, you just naturally feel less desire for sweets! No more fighting temptation!

You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that each Gluco-Secure capsule delivers 200 mg of Gymnema sylvestre to help you naturally balance your blood sugar. Click here to request a risk-free trial – you pay nothing today except shipping and handling.

Gluco-Secure is even more powerful because we've also included...

Blood Sugar-Buster #5

Bitter Melon:
Like "Exercise" in a Capsule

People are surprised to learn there are so many natural substances with powerful medicine-like properties. They forget that most modern drugs actually were derived from plants and herbs!

That’s why our research team has travelled the world to locate the most effective natural "sugar-busters." And...

Bitter Melon Is One of the Best!

Known as Momordica charantia, this tropical fruit contains a substance called lectin which lowers blood sugar levels and actually helps SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE.

You see, some people’s metabolisms have difficulty in converting blood sugar into energy. This is partly because they don’t produce enough insulin – and also because their fat and muscle cells don’t use insulin effectively. But bitter melon has been shown to produce...

The Same Effect on Your  Blood Sugar as Exercise!

Scientists have identified 4 compounds in bitter melon that enhance glucose uptake by activating the same enzyme that physical exercise does.  

This moves blood sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscles where it can be converted into energy.

In fact, nearly 100 in vivo studies have demonstrated bitter melon’s blood glucose-lowering effect. 

Each one of these natural "sugar-busters" in Gluco-Secure exerts a profound glucose-lowering effect on its own. So perhaps you’re wondering...

Why Did We Use ALL of
These "Magnificent 7"

The reason is simple. Blood sugar is metabolized along several DIFFERENT biochemical "pathways" in your body. The various ingredients in Gluco-Secure cover these multiple pathways to ensure results.

You see, glucose is the main fuel of your body and brain. So when it remains stuck in your bloodstream, your physical energy and mental functions suffer. You feel tired and can’t think straight. And if your glucose levels get too high...

Your Brain Can Even
Slip into a Coma!

That’s why the hormone "insulin" is so essential.

Insulin gets glucose OUT of your bloodstream and INTO your cells ... your liver ...
your muscles ... and your brain – anywhere it’s needed most.

But sometimes your insulin needs EXTRA HELP because it can’t do the job by itself.

That’s Where Gluco-Secure Can Really Help

The synergistic ingredients in each capsule perform their magic along multiple pathways for optimal glucose uptake. Gluco-Secure also assists your insulin in opening up your cells’ receptor sites, so blood sugar can enter and be turned into energy.

These "Magnificent 7" ingredients target blood sugar at every level so you can be sure you’re covered.

The result is that you feel more energetic ... more clear-headed ... and satisfied, with fewer food cravings.

A "Sugar-Buster"
Like No Other!

You won’t find this many proven "blood sugar-busters" in any other product. That’s why Gluco-Secure is so effective and economical. Just one capsule is all you need!

Now let’s look at the other ways your health can benefit from Gluco-Secure...

NOTE: Due to its powerful, glucose-lowering effects, please consult your health care professional before taking Gluco-Secure if you are on insulin or taking oral hypoglycemic agents … have high blood pressure … have kidney or liver conditions … or are pregnant or lactating.  

Blood Sugar-Buster #6

Banaba Leaf:
Mother Nature’s "Insulin" Plant

The search for natural substances that can lower blood sugar has really intensified lately because of the great need. In the US alone, nearly 90 million people are concerned about their blood sugar.

But pharmaceutical drugs aren’t the only way to keep your blood sugar levels under control!

Scientists have identified natural substances with the uncanny power to regulate blood sugar levels on every continent in the world! 

For instance, the people of the Philippines have relied on the banaba plant (Lagerstroemia speciosa) for hundreds of years to help their blood sugar.

This Plant Works Just Like Your Body’s Insulin!

Banaba’s glucose-lowering effect comes from its ability to transport blood sugar into cells just the way your body’s insulin does. In fact, this remarkable herb is frequently referred to as "the insulin plant." 

Banaba’s secret lies in a natural concentration of corosolic acid, a compound that mimics the function of insulin by transporting glucose into cells and out of the bloodstream.

Scientists have tested this safe, inexpensive, natural remedy in numerous clinical studies, and... 

It Passed with Flying Colors!

Research shows banaba leaf is effective for lowering blood glucose – even in people with regularly high blood sugar! Other studies show that it also can aid in weight loss if high blood sugar has led to obesity. 

When we learned of this amazing benefit, we knew we had to include banaba as one of the "Magnificent 7" ingredients in Gluco-Secure. Just one capsule brings you a full 50 mg dose to get the job done.

Blood Sugar-Buster #7

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 
The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant!

Here’s another important ingredient you won’t find in other blood sugar supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Here’s why you’ll find a generous dose of it in Gluco-Secure...

Too Much Blood Sugar is a Health Danger

As you’ve already seen, excess glucose is highly inflammatory and can damage artery walls, leading to serious cardiovascular problems and accelerated aging.

This is because glucose triggers free radical activity that causes oxidation ("burning") of your cells, tissues, and nerves.

We know that antioxidants are natural nutrients that neutralize this harmful activity – and...

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the Granddaddy
of All Antioxidants!

ALA is a powerful "blood sugar buster" in its own right – but its benefits go far beyond that.
Unlike other antioxidants, which work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E), ALA is both fat- and water-soluble. So it’s always working throughout your body – all the time.

ANOTHER BONUS: Free radicals deplete your reserves of protective antioxidants, but evidence shows ALA can regenerate other antioxidants and make them active again!

Continued below. . .

Meet Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc

From rocket scientist to naturopath...

I'm not like most doctors you know becauwe I began my professional career as an aerospace engineer...and my trust has always been in science and modern medicine. My specialized training as a rocket scientist led me to work on the Space Shuttle as well as other leading NASA projects.

Byt as my career continued to soar, my health was deteriorating. I suffered from chronic bronchitis for years. I sought the help of numerous doctors and took all sorts of prescription drugs and medications. Yet I still stayed sick.

I had to make a change if I wanted to get healthy...

Finally, I became so frustrated with the "best" Western medicine had to offer, I began to seek alternative treatments.

I'll be the first to admint my leap to natural healing was a tough one, but it's the best decision i've ever made!

With the help of chiropractic sessions and natural healing herbs and remedies, I completely healed my bronchitis! This revenlation awakened an interest in natural medicine that was so strong - I knew it was my calling!

I feld to passionate about helping others heal this way that I left the aerospace industry in 1998 and earned my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine as well as a master's degree in Oriental Medicine.

One of the most important things i've learned as a Naturopathic Doctor is how critical it is to trat the root cause of a health problem.

At my naturopathic clinic in Mount Shasta, California, I'm a "hands on" doctor. I combine my training in quantum physics... herbal medicines... homeopathy... nutrition... acupuncture... physical manipulation... and other treatments to help my patients tap into their body's natural energy source to reverse health problems and create genuine healing.

I firmly believe it's the only approach to health that will take YOU to a much healthier future.

Helps Relieve Pain, Too

When nasty free radicals damage nerve tissue, it can really become painful (especially in the legs and feet). So here’s another way ALA can help... 

That’s why we added ALA to Gluco-Secure

So – are you ready to give Gluco-Secure a NO-RISK try? It MUST work for you – or you’ll pay absolutely nothing!

At Last! Better Blood Sugar Numbers WITHOUT a Prescription!

And just wait till your doctor sees your improvements!

No more lectures about your blood sugar. With Gluco-Secure, you can keep your glucose levels normal and stable – with a 100% natural product – as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s our “no strings attached” offer to you.

Try Gluco-Secure Today Without Any Risk
Pay Nothing Today Except Shipping & Handling!

We're so sure that the Gluco-Secure can help normalize your blood sugar, that we'll let you try it for 30 days – completely at our risk! You don’t pay for it until you know it works for you...

30 Day Trial Risk-Free Special Offer

Pay just $9.95 shipping and handling and you'll receive a 60-day supply (two bottles) of Gluco-Secure. If you're not utterly delighted with the results by day 30, just call or email us, send us back the unused portion – and we will never charge you another cent. If you love the wonderful improvements in your health and energy level that Gluco-Secure provides – and want to continue enjoying them – you'll be billed for the 60-day supply at our Special Introductory price of $79.90.

Our 100% Secure Guarantee to You

The makers of Gluco-Secure guarantee that everything I’ve promised you here will come true – or you pay nothing.

Click this link now for your No-Risk Trial. You can’t possibly lose – and you have so much to gain, including so many years of blessed good health. Please give GlucoSecure a try. 

Wishing you a long, healthy, and happy life!

Dr. Arlan Cage, N.D.

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